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API ACCU Clear with Free Shipping Australia Wide 2103-9813
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$ 16.53 $ 21.98 2021-01-19
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API ACCU Clear for Fish Tanks/Aquariums

API ACCU Clear is a special water clearing product for tanks and aquariums. The tiny particles that cause cloudiness in the tank is cleared with ACCU clear solution. The clearing agent works on the suspended tiny particles present in the tank and causes them to be clumped up into tiny balls, ready to be discarded away by filters. After few hours, the water would be as clear as glass that holds it.

  • Add 1 ml of API Accuclear for every 10 U.S. gallons of water.

  • Wait 24 hours before assessing the need of a second dose

  • Clears cloudy water in aquarium

  • Dislodges tiny particles to settle down to bottom

  • Makes water as clear as glass that holds it

  • Safe for fishes and plants

  • Safe to use in freshwater systems.

  • Safe to use around live plants and fish.

  • Do not overdose

Active Ingredients:

Non hazardous ingredients


Mars Fishcare



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