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Question Of The Month : trish s. Month: October
Hello Just wondering the best/most appropriate dry/raw food for my darling girl who was rescued from a puppy farm (where she was bred back to back for 7 years - in a concrete shed!) Has been with me for almost 4 years now and is the love of my life!...
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kerin b. Asks

Hi I have two pugs ans they are just over the medium size weight ,previously I have bought The NexGard 10.1 -25kg , will the Medium up to 10kg not protect them? thanks Kerin ...

anant c. Asks

Hi I just bought NexGard for my pup. Before administering her the medicine, I decided to check the product review. Seems there are enough horror stories on the net to make me apprehensive about the ...

n. Asks

Hi Trish Nina had a Heartworm injection last year and now due, however, my question is, 1. Does it really last for one year, and if so,is it really the best thing, when according to the mosquito ...

stephen g. Asks

Is Bravecto safe to use in a racing greyhound, is there anything in it that swabs or has an effect on performance either positive or negative. Thank you ...

kerina c. Asks

We have had Oscar on Nexgard for the past four months and he has been fine - no reaction. We got the timing wrong on his last one giving it to him two weeks after the previous one not one month. Is t ...
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