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Billy & Margot Dog Adult Salmon and Superfoods

Billy & Margot Dog Adult Salmon and Superfoods with Free Shipping Australia Wide 2407-11172
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Billy & Margot Salmon and Superfoods Dog Food

Billy & Margot Dog Adult Salmon and Superfoods provides a nutritious variety to your dog's food with a unique protein source they will love. Salmon provides a nearly complete amino acid profile which helps your dog stay in their best shape. It's also safe for sensitive dogs that thrive without grains. It helps strengthen their immunity, keep them energised from the benefits of omega 3 fatty acids. The natural formulation of this dry dog food recipe is filled with vitamins and minerals, ensuring overall health for your dog while providing them with a satisfying meal.

  • All dogs are individuals and this is a guide only.
  • Daily requirements may vary with age, breed and activity level.
  • It is suggested to monitor your dog’s weight and adjust the amounts accordingly.
  • Feed twice daily and ensure always fresh drinking water is available.

Feeding Guide

  • For a dog between 5 to 10kg, the recommended daily serving is 85 to 150g.
  • For a dog between 11 to 25kg, the recommended daily serving is 155 to 300g.
  • For a dog between 26 to 45kg, the recommended daily serving is 295 to 470g.
  • For a dog between 46 to 70kg, the recommended daily serving is 465 to 655.
  • For a dog 71kg and above, the recommended daily serving is 625g and above.
  • Wholesome, grain-free dog food
  • Packed with quality single animal human grade salmon
  • Nourishing and delicious superfoods and holistic ingredients
  • Salmon contains an almost perfect amino acid profile to support every single cell in the body
  • Salmon is a novel protein that makes it a healthy low sensitivity alternative

Guaranteed Analysis

Nutrient Dry Matter %
Crude Protein 34%
Crude Fat 13%
Crude Fibre 3%
Inorganic Matter 7%
Omega-6 2.5%
Omega-3 0.5%


Salmon (44%, (Freshly Prepared Salmon (25%), Salmon Meal 19%)), Sweet Potato* (16%), Pea Protein (14%), Lentils* (7%), Peas (7%), Chick Peas* (7%), Salmon Oil* (2%), Hydrolysed Vegetables* (1%), Minerals* (0.9%), Coconut Oil* (0.5%), Chicory Root* (0.15%), Alfalfa* (0.05%), Manuka Honey* (0.05%)


Billy + Margot


Billy + Margot

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