Best Dental Care Products For Pets

Oral hygiene plays a vital role in maintaining the overall well-being of your pets. Many times pet parents might not be that diligent when it comes to their pet’s oral hygiene and that is the reason why the majority of dogs exhibit certain evidence of periodontal disease. Well! It can be overwhelming for pet parents to choose the right dental care product for their pooch. However, taking care of your pet is easy if you have the right product. So, we have come with the best dental care product for dogs in order to prevent dental diseases.

Brushing your dog’s teeth on regular intervals is known as one of the single most effective ways of resolving dental diseases in dogs. That’s why this product Prozym Dental ToothPaste Kit for Dogs and cats and Dentipet Toothpaste for Dogs & Cats are considered the best product to make your dog enjoy the brushing routine. Here’s all that you need to know about these powerful products.

Prozym Dental ToothPaste Kit for Dogs and Cats

Prozym Dental Toothpaste Kit is a special kit for dogs and cats that consist of Prozym toothpaste for pets and one finger brush. The combo of these two works best for keeping your pet’s teeth clean. The specially formulated toothpaste contains an ingredient that prevents bacterial growth and obstructs the formation of plaque and tartar. It stops the growth of bacteria that leads to bad breath. The finger brush is specially designed to reach every corner in your pet’s mouth without hurting the gums. The soft bristles do not hurt the pet gums and remove food particles stuck in between the teeth. Use of finger brush and toothpaste keeps the teeth clean and shiny.

Benefits of Prozym Dental ToothPaste Kit for Dogs and Cats

  • Special dental kit for dogs and cats that contains toothpaste and soft finger brush
  • Aids in controlling dental diseases in dogs
  • Controls plaque and tartar formation
  • Controls periodontal diseases
  • Good quality fingerbrush soft on teeth and gums
  • Fights bacteria and prevents bad breath
  • Delicious poultry flavoured paste is easily accepted by dogs
  • Daily use helps maintain dental health

DentiPet Toothpaste for Dogs & Cats

DentiPet Toothpaste is an essential dental care product for dogs and cats. The toothpaste contains polishing and abrasive agents along with fluoride and sodium polyphosphate. The key ingredients gently clean teeth and removes tartar and plaque from your pet’s mouth. The regular use of Dentipet Toothpaste for dogs and cats prevents periodontal diseases. Moreover, it also prevents bad breath and maintains their overall oral health.

Benefits of DentiPet Toothpaste for Dogs & Cats

  • It is an excellent easy to use oral dental product to clean the teeth of pets
  • DentiPet toothpaste reduces plaque and tartar build-up
  • It kills oral bacteria and keeps breath fresh
  • The abrasive and polishing agents remove yellow colouration on teeth
  • The beef flavoured toothpaste is easily tolerated by dogs

There are many choices pet parents have to make to maintain their pet’s oral health. So, you can choose these products as well as other dental care products from VetSupply.

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