Different types of Ticks found in different Parts of Australia

Types of Ticks found in Australia
Dog owners are always concerned about ticks affecting the lives of their pooches. But are you aware of the different ways these ticks affect the dogs? Ticks are primarily four-legged bloodsucking parasites that attach to their host and suck their blood. There are various tick species in Australia encompassing specific native host species.

But there is one tick that has created havoc in the lives of pets – paralysis tick, Ixodes holocyclus. It is commonly found near bushlands and creates a progressive paralysis commencing from the voice and hind legs and then spreads to the respiratory organs and then eventual death of the animal.

But the great news is that they are hardly found in South Australia. They are more common in Queensland, Victoria and NSW. They are also found in the western suburbs of Melbourne. If you travel through these regions in Australia it is important to take the advice of the local veterinarian about the protection that you need to take to prevent this dangerous tick to affect your dog. There are times when dog owners accidentally take their dogs to places where Ixodes holocyclus are found. This can be very dangerous for the dog.

There are different types of ticks that are present in South Australia. The more common one is Brown Dog Tick. These ticks are known to be harmful in the transmission of blood parasites. The large ones are usually swelled up in blood. So it is very important to keep your dogs safe and use tick preventive treatments like Tick Twister Twin Pack Large and Small Hook and Tick Key.