Learn To Choose Dog Toys Wisely


Puppy toys are useful for your pet’s mental and physical well being because of the stimulation and exercise they provide during play. Some toys with treats are safe to leave with your pooch, when he is alone, while others should only be given to your dog when supervised. Here are a few tips you can use to pick the best – and most secure – toys for your canine friend.

Choose the Right Size Toy

Choose the toys which are suitable according to your canine’s size and breed. Toys which are made for puppies should not be given to adult dogs. As the adult dogs can easily swallow puppy-sized toys, while puppies can wrap themselves with a large toy and possibly suffocate.

Check for Choking Hazards:

Ensure that toys do not present choking hazards. Evacuate labels, string, plastic eyes and different items from toys before introducing them to your pooch. Check your pet’s toys frequently. Dispose of any toys that are breaking apart or have sharp edges. Keep an eye on your canine with toys that contain squeakers. Your pup may tear the parts, swallow and choke himself.

Check the Material Used:

Hard rubber toys are more secure and last more than toys, which are made from Vinyl or dainty latex. However, owners should take care about the unseen, harmful and toxic components utilized as a part of the production of pooch toys, for example, lead, arsenic and even mercury.

Toys Can Be Useful In Other Terms Too:

Your furry pal’s toy engage and entertain your pet, but real thing is that it is helping your pooch to get mentally, emotionally and physically fit and healthy too. Select durable toys that complement your dog’s personality to gain long lasting benefits and some tail-wagging good times.