What Things should I consider before getting a Persian cat?

5 Things to Consider before getting a Persian cat
Persian cats, long haired breed of cats that are characterized by their round face and short muzzle were brought by traders from the Middle East to Europe. These traders used to travel in caravans carrying exotic wares, gold, jewels and carpets. But they were more fascinated by these beautiful Persian cats than anything else.

The great peculiarity of Persian cat is that they possess unparalleled beauty, but are often found wanting when it comes to temperament issues. They do have a temperament that makes it difficult to manage, but once you have captured the heart of a Persian cat it is always yours. Let us now look at different things that you need to consider before getting a Persian cat:

Cost of getting a Persian cat
Persian cats are quite expensive in comparison to other breeds of cats. The normal cost of acquiring a Persian cat is about $ 800 but it can increase.

CFA breed registration
A Persian cat is always CFA registered and if it is not one, then it is not a Persian cat. CFA registration ensures that the cat breed is the Persian. If you buy a kitten, ensure that you register them straight away. Even if it looks like a Persian cat it isn’t unless it is properly documented.

Daily brushing
Persian cats need regular brushing and regular here means on a day-to-day basis. If you are not prepared to take the responsibility of brushing of your furry friend on a daily basis, then do not get this particular cat breed.  Persian cats have cotton fur which is very soft; hence, it is very important to brush them regularly to keep them happy. Remember the fur on the Persian cat can knot and can become nappy which makes their tender skin to pull. Hence, if you find fur knots around the belly and under the arms and legs of the cat, then it is time to brush them properly.

Monthly baths
Persian cats need monthly baths. You can even use baby powders to take away oils and untangle knots and even a colour enhancer. If you have a dark skinned Persian then you need a different colour enhancer. Once you have used the colour enhancer apply shampoo and conditioner. There are different grooming techniques that can be adopted for your furry friend and you will have to find the best one that suits your Persian cat. But monthly baths are a must for your Persian cat as it keeps their coats clean and free from tangles.

Persian cats are indoor pets
Persian cats are considered to be domesticated pets. They should not be kept outdoors. Since they were once in possession of kings, they need quite life. There are certain Persian cats which are found outside, but due to their soft body composition and temperament issues like showing nervousness when in danger and loud noises, they do not elect for being an alley cat.

The structures of Persian cats also make them more prone to infection from outdoor pollutants and dust. Persian cats that are left outside do not often groom their fur and arrive with maggots under the knots and naps hence; it is always advised to keep these furry friends indoors.