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Advance All Breed Mature Dog Food

Advance All Breed Mature Dog Food
Brand: Advance

Advance All Breed Mature Dog Food

4.8 / 5
Reviews: 5
Advance All Breed Mature Dog Food with Lowest Price + Free Shipping Australia Wide 1085-5345
this diet is super coooool... it keeps our boys strong
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Advance All Breed Mature Dog Food 15 Kgs
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Advance All Breed Mature Dry Dog Food

Advance All Breed Mature Dog Food is a specially formulated diet for mature dogs of all breeds. Highly palatable, this one is a complete diet that improves overall wellbeing of the pet. Made up of essential nutrients, the kibbles improve the vitality of senior dogs.

Feeding Guidelines:

These are general guidelines and the pet may need more food as per his individual nutritional requirements, age, activity and temperament. Consult a vet for further details.

Suitable for Medium Breed dogs over 8 years of age and Large dogs over 5 years of age. Please note that 1 cup = 110 gram.

Size of Dog g/day cup/day
Toy <5kg <85 <0.7
Small 5-10kg 85-145 0.7-1.3
Medium 10-25kg 145-285 1.3-2.5
Large 25-50kg 285-485 2.5-4.2
Giant >50kg >485 >4.2

Key Benefits

  • Maintains joint health
  • Improves brain function and memory in senior dogs
  • Reduces tartar and plaque accumulation
  • Maintains the health of urinary tract
  • Improves skin and coat condition
  • Accelerates cellular repair and natural defences

More Information

Nutrient analysis:
Estimated Nutrient Content
Method Protein Fat Carbs
Guaranteed Analysis 23% 13% NA
Dry Matter Basis 26% 14% 52%
Calorie Weighted Basis 23% 31% 46%

Chicken and chicken meal, rice, sorghum, corn, chicken digest, chicken tallow, vegetable oil, vegetable fibre, vegetable protein concentrate, poultry and poultry meal, iodised sale, potassium chloride, di-calcium phosphate, chlorine chloride, taurine, vitamin E, stabilised green-lipped mussel powder, zinc sulphate, antioxidants, vitamin C, ferrous sulphate (iron), lucerne meal, marigold meal, tomato powder, calcium pantothenate, copper sulphate vitamin A, manganese sulphate, vitamin B12, sodium selenite, potassium iodide, vitamin B1, niacin, vitamin D3, vitamin B6, folic acid.


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Certified Customer

Superior quality product

These kibbles are a great treat for my two boys. The quality is beyond comparison!


keeps our boys strong

this diet is super coooool... it keeps our boys strong


mature dog food

with Rony maturing, we thought, this can go good with him and it really does.


Very healthy!

Has eliminated nutritional deficiency in my dog.


Good for Senior Dogs

Ever since I have started feeding this food to my older dog I can see a drastic change in his activities. He moves a lot now and also stays in a good mood.

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