Comfortis For Cats
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Comfortis For Cats

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Brand: Comfortis
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Comfortis For Cats

Comfortis Chewable Tablets for Cats - Monthly Flea Control Tablets

Comfortis a flavoured chewable for treating fleas in cats and kittens. This oral treatment begins to kill fleas within 30 minutes of administration and destroys 98-100% fleas within 4 hours. This easy to administer chewable tablet kills fleas before they lay eggs. It prevents flea infestation in cats and protects them from various flea-infested diseases including Flea Allergy Dermatitis.

How does it Work?

Comfortis is formulated with special ingredient spinosad. It is a member of spinosyns class of insecticides, which are non-antibacterial tetracyclic macrolides. When treated with Spinosad, insects show involuntary muscle contractions and tremors resulting from activation of motor neurons. This results in paralysis and flea death. Comfortis protects adult cats and kittens from flea infestation for 30 days.

  • Administer Comfortis prior to prior to or after feeding.
  • For maximum effectiveness, administer it along with food.
  • Give Comfortis once a month, as the minimum dosage of 22.5 mg/lb (50mg/kg)


Body Weight Spinosad Per Tablet (mg) Tablets Administered
Small Kittens 90 One tablet
1.4-2.7 Kg 140 One tablet
2.8 - 5.4 Kg 270 One tablet
5.5-11.2 Kg 560 One tablet

Note: For cats above 11.2 Kg, administer the appropriate combination of tablets.

  • Comfortis kills fleas and prevent flea infestation in cats.
  • Its long lasting effect works for a whole month.
  • Comfortis is the first beef-flavoured chewable tablet.
  • It protects cats and kittens for the whole month.

Safe for cats and kittens 14 weeks of age and older and 2 pounds of bodyweight or

Strictly for veterinary use only.

Keep this drug out of reach of children and pets.

Store it in a cool and dry place.


Not for human use.

Use of Comfortis in breeding, pregnant or lactating cats has not been evaluated.


There are no known contraindications for the use of Comfortis in cats.

Species Cats
Mode of Administration Oral
Ingredients spinosad
Manufacturer Elanco Animal Health
Brand Name Comfortis
* * * * *
Reviews: 18
Rating : 897
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Comfortis For Cats


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Satisfactory and safe.

I highly recommend this .it is a good product.

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The best thing I like the most at vetsupply is best prices, fast shipping and no charges for delivery. I am satisfied that I always get the best prices.

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Can't get cheaper than this. I have tried buying at various stores, but at vetsupply I find at the lowest prices.

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Very Quick To Eliminate Fleas

I ordered this fleas issue solving, Comfortis treatment from Vet Supply and saved some bucks too.

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Very Efficacious For Killing Fleas

I have used this product several times on my Missy. It keeps her away from flea infestation, and even controls the Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD). I recommend this product to use on your cat, if suffering from flea infestation.

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