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Fluffy Bath Shampoo for Small Animals
Brand: Vetafarm

Fluffy Bath Shampoo for Small Animals

Fluffy Bath Shampoo for Small Animals with Free Shipping Australia Wide 2069-9751
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Fluffy Bath Shampoo

The unique formulation of this liquid shampoo is very effective. It makes the coat very shiny and cleans the pet. The furry small animals become fluffy upon using this shampoo. It gently and thoroughly removes the dirt, faeces and other organic matter. It is a medicated shampoo which is easy to use on the small animals like rabbits, rodents and ferrets even with skin problems.

  • Add 2ml of Fluffy Bath Shampoo to 1L of warm water.

  • Gently immerse animal into the water and gently shampoo the fur.

  • Rinse with warm water and towel dry.

  • A gentle, liquid shampoo for small animals

  • Suitable for rabbits, rodents, ferrets and guinea pigs

  • Used as a grooming aid

  • Can be applied on animals with skin problems too

  • Provides natural and healthy skin

  • Natural fresh scent as it contains tea tree and eucalyptus

  • Store in a cool and dry place.

  • Keep away from pets and children.

  • For animal treatment only.

  • Avoid contact with the eyes and wetting of the pet's ears.

Active Ingredients:

Tea tree and Eucalyptus



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