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Panoramis Chewable Tablets

Panoramis Chewable Tablets for Dogs is a once a month tablet for the control of fleas and heartworm in Dogs. Buy Panoramis Chewable Tablets online. 1031
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I have used it on my dog and must say this product is highly effective and I can totally trust on this brand.

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Panoramis chewable is a single treatment for three kinds of parasites. The beef flavored chew destroys adult fleas, prevents heartworm infections and treats intestinal worms. A once a month treatment, Panoramis starts working within 30 minutes of administration. It kills 100% adult fleas within 4 hours. It effective controls roundworms, hookworms and whipworms and prevents diseases caused by these worms.

Method of working

Panoramis for dogs contain spinosad and milbemycin oxime. These active ingredients have adulticidal and endectocidal properties. Their combined effect kills fleas by attacking their nervous system and destroys larval stages of heartworm and intestinal worms. It is highly effective in treating mixed infections of intestinal worms, fleas and heartworms.

30 mg/Kg of Spinosad and 0.5 mg/Kg of Milbemycin Oxime is the least content of active ingredients in each chewable. It shows excellent results in various parasitic problems and prevents diseases caused by these parasites.


Get your pet tested for an existing heartworm infection. If there are no existing heartworm larvae in your pet’s system then start Panoramis treatment. Weigh your pet. Choose the pack relevant to the weight of your pet. Please refer the dosage table for details.

Give along with the food. Feed the chew directly in the pet’s mouth. If the pet does not take the tablet directly, then mix with his food. Giving it at empty stomach may not give desired results.

Dosage Table

Dog Weight Pack Color Spinosad mg per Kg/Milbemycin Oxime mg per Kg Number of tablets per month
3.9-6.0 Kg Pink 270 mg/4.5 mg 1Tablet (Pink Pack)
6.1-9.4 Kg Orange 425mg/7.1 mg 1Tablet (Orange Pack)
9.5-14.7 Kg Green 665 mg/11.1 mg 1Tablet (Green Pack)
14.8-23.1 Kg Blue 1040 mg/17.4 mg 1Tablet (Blue Pack)
23.2-36 Kg Brown 1620 mg/27 mg 1Tablet (Brown Pack)
36.1-50.7 Kg Combine 1 tablet of Green pack (665 mg/11.1 mg) and 1 tablet of Brown pack (1620 mg/27 mg) 1Tablet (Green Pack) + 1Tablet (Brown Pack)
50.8-72 Kg Give two tablets from brown pack (1620 mg/27 mg) 2Tablets (Brown Pack)

Note:- Safety of Panoramis chews is not approved for pregnant, nursing or breeding dogs. Ask a vet if your pet is in any of these stages.

Key Benefits

  • One treatment for multiple parasites
  • Fast acting chewable, that starts action within 30 minutes and destroys 100% adult flea population within just 4 hours.
  • Easy to administer oral treatment that eliminates issues caused by spot-on treatments
  • Kills adult fleas before they lay eggs and thus prevents future infestations
  • Treats and controls all major types of intestinal worms
  • Pets love the beef flavor and take the chew as a treat
  • It is highly supportive in treating Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD)


  • Do not administer to dogs allergic to any of the ingredients of the chewable.
  • Do not give to puppies that are younger than 14 weeks of age.
  • Keep away from the reach of pets and children
  • Seek vet’s advice prior to giving Panoramis to pets that have history of seizures of epilepsy.
  • Store between 68-77 F
  • Follow label instructions for dosage, administration, expiry date and precautions
  • Vomiting may occur within 48 hours of giving the chewable. It is due to the transient effect and will stop without any treatment.
  • Other side effects may be observed in hyper sensitive pets. Consult a vet if your pet shows lethargy, tremors, diarrhea, pruritus, seizures etc.
  • Panoramis contains pork based protein. It may not suit pets allergic to pork.
  • Wash hands with soap and water after administering the chewable tablet.
  • Medical help is a must if there is a case of human ingestion. The chew is highly toxic for humans and the patient needs to be treated at the earliest.
  • Ask a vet about the method of disposing the pack and left over tablets.


Consult your vet for the details.

More Information

Target species 14 weeks and older puppies and dogs weighing at least 3.9 Kgs
Mode of administration Oral
Active Ingredient Spinosad and Milbemycin Oxime
Manufacturer Elanco
Brand Name Panoramis
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Reviews: 1
Rating : 1
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Panoramis Chewable Tablets

Panoramis Chewable Tablets

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best for multiple worm infection

I have used it on my dog and must say this product is highly effective and I can totally trust on this brand.

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