Roo Tendons (Snax Kangaroo Tendons) 10 Pieces
Brand: SupaSnax

Roo Tendons (Snax Kangaroo Tendons) 10 Pieces

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Roo Tendons (Snax Kangaroo Tendons)

SupaSnax Kangaroo Tendons – Roo Tendons

Kangaroo Tendons by SupaSnax are great snacks for dogs. It is healthy treat for every dog for their savoury cravings. Kangaroo or Roo tendons are highly beneficial in keeping your dog’s teeth clean and gums strong. Rich in high protein and low in fat, these Roo tendons can be given daily as a treat. The hard tendons are safe and recommended for all dogs.

Give one treat daily.

Can be given regularly after meals.

  • Perfect as a treat for dogs
  • Helpful during training sessions
  • Beneficial in cleaning the teeth
  • High in protein and low in fat
  • Perfect size for small and medium dogs
  • Easily liked by dogs


Kangaroo Tendons


Vital SupaSnax



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Roo Tendons (Snax Kangaroo Tendons)


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Too Tenders

My dog loves these his teeth are in fantastic condition he is a chi. I recommend them over any other treat

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