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Kong Airdog Squeaker Ball for Dogs

Kong Airdog Squeaker ball is a great play item for your dog. A tennis ball with hidden squeaker is what your dog loves to fetch and play. It is a perfect fetch toy. Kong Airdog ball is a great combination of two classic dog toys – the common tennis ball and the squeaker toy to create the exceptional air Kong squeaker. This high-quality will not wear down your dog’s teeth as it is made with a special non-abrasive.

Kong Airdog Squeaker Balls are available in different sizes:

  • Extra Small
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Use it for fetch games
  • Squeaker to induce play
  • It does not wear down your dog’s teeth
  • Non-abrasive tennis material
  • Available in different sizes.
  • Made from durable, high-quality tennis-ball material
  • Recommended for small breeds
  • Combines canine two favourites
  • Squeaker toy and the tennis-ball
  • It provides huge dental benefits.
  • Kong toys are safe.
  • Always supervise your dog’s use of a Kong ball.
  • Regularly inspect that the ball is clean.
  • Look for the damage or missing parts.
  • Worn or damaged kongs must be replaced promptly to maintain safe play for your dog.
Target species Dogs
Material used KONG rubber material
Manufacturer: Kong
Brand Kong
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Reviews: 1
Rating : 188
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Kong Airdog Squeaker Balls

Kong Airdog Squeaker Balls

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As the owner of a very small dog (she's a Papillon) who loves to fetch and play with balls, it's incredibly hard to find them in a size that she can actually fit in her mouth. For ages I'd have to buy kitten toys because even the standard 'mini' tennis balls were a little too big to be comfortable for her. The Kong Airdog Squeaker Xtra Small sized balls are perfect for her mouth. She can carry them fine and loves to make them squeak! They're also way cheaper here than in the pet stores!

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