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Adaptil Collar 45Cm Puppy/Small

Adaptil Collar 45Cm Puppy/Small
Brand: Adaptil

Adaptil Collar 45Cm Puppy/Small

Adaptil Collar 45Cm Puppy/Small with Lowest Price + Free Shipping Australia Wide 1442-5852

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Reviews: 5
$ 111.71 $ 83.99 2020-05-29
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Adaptil for Dogs

Adaptil collars for dogs work in a therapeutic manner in tranquilizing the pet during stressful situations. The collar contains synthetic form of Dog Appeasing Pheromones (DAP), which relaxes the pet’s body and mind. The calming effect of these pheromones gives relief from stress and anxiety. It improves the pet’s response during behavioural therapy and training.

How it works?

Lactating female dogs release appeasing pheromones to calm down the litter. Ceva has used this natural mechanism to create a collar that works as a tranquilizer. Adaptil collar contains synthetic form of these natural tranquilizers. Called as Dog Appeasing Pheromones (DAP), the ingredient works well in relaxing puppies and dogs from anxious moments and stressful situations like fireworks, loud noises, travelling, strangers, separation anxiety, change of place etc. An Adaptil collar thus makes the pet relaxed and happy without the use of any external treatments.

There are two sizes of Adaptil collars:  

  • 45 cm for puppies and small dogs  (37.5 cm neck length)
  • 70 cm for medium and large dogs (62.5 cm neck length)

Buy as per your pet’s breed, build and neck length. Buckle it up around the pet’s neck in a manner that there is a space of two fingers between the neck and the collar. Trim the extra portion and dispose it off.

Make sure that the collar is not too tight and the pet should not feel suffocated. Keep an eye on the pet to ensure that the collar fits well and is easy on the pet’s neck. Consult a vet for further details. Replace the collar on a monthly basis.

  • Easy to buckle up collar that works as a tranquilizers
  • Available in different sizes suitable to varied breeds of dogs
  • Long lasting treatment that lasts for one month
  • Reduces chances of destructive behaviour
  • Helps pacify phobias and stress in puppies and dogs
  • DAP is highly effective with no effects on human or other pets
  • Easy therapy that does not cause any mess that happens with topical solutions
  • Trim off the extra portion and dispose it immediately
  • Keep at least two-finger space between the collar and the neck
  • Wash hands after tying the collar
  • Keep away from children and food items
  • Follow label instructions for administration, expiry and precautions

Contraindications of Adaptil collar are not known yet

Target species Dogs
Mode of administration Topical
Active Ingredient Canine appeasing pheromone analogue
Manufacturer Ceva
Brand Name Adaptil collar
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Reviews: 5
Rating : 131
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Adaptil Collar

Adaptil Collar

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Gives relief from stress and anxiety

This collar does well to reduce stress and anxiety in my pal and it also improves his response during behavioral therapy and training.

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one can be added in travelling bag

This collar has helped me a lot when I was traveling this month.. a good material that doesn't strain. My dog was very calm also in new places and between new people. Normally he is very aggressive in such situations.

* * * * *

relaxing product for dog.

We use this whenever we travel as our little dog is very anxious. A few sprays on her blanket before we travel and she relaxes a lot quicker the before and most of the time even falls asleep. I would really recommend this product.

* * * * *

Comes in right time

My three dogs are quite sensitive and get triggered even by little noise. And Adaptil collar has come in the right time as guys at Vetsupply suggested me this one. Happy to have it and even got it at free shipping.

* * * * *


Works perfectly on my pug. No straining around the neck and no side effects. Got at great price. Thanks vetsupply.

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