Natural Animal Solutions Calm Drops
Brand: Natural Animal Solutions

Natural Animal Solutions Calm Drops

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Natural Animal Solutions Calm Drops

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Natural Animal Solutions Calm Drops

Natural Animal Solutions Calm Solution for Dogs, Cats and Small animals

Natural Animal Solutions Calm remedy is a naturally prepared formulation for keeping your dog or cat cool and calm during stressful conditions covering broad range from mild stress and anxiety to chronic and acute stress. The calming solution also keeps pets under control during lighting, storm, thunder and fireworks. This naturopathic product is suitable for cats, dogs and horses.

How Does it Work?

Natural Animal Solutions Calm solution is a natural, optimal strength formulation of nervine amalgamated with calming herbs. It assists in pets’ general well-being. The key ingredients are sourced naturally and blended by experienced animal naturopaths. This alcohol free high grade ingredients provides optimal strength and highly helpful for fussy cats and dogs.

  • Administer as a single dosage

Double the recommended dosage and administer as follows:

  • One hour before event.
  • ½ hour after event.
  • Again just before leaving your pet.


  • Cats: 2-3 drops x 2 daily
  • Dogs 10kg: 1.5ml x 2 daily
  • Dogs 20kg: 3ml x 2 daily
  • Dogs 40kg: 6ml x 2 daily
  • Dogs 60kg: 7ml x 2 daily
  • A powerful formulation to fight stress and keep pets calm.
  • Highly effective in keeping pets calm during storms or fireworks.
  • An optimal strength formulation of nervine
  • It’s a gentle alcohol free formulation
  • Highly palatable and gentle on pets’ stomach
  • This calming solution assists in the relief of nervous tension, stress and mild anxiety
  • Suitable for dogs, cats and small mammals
  • Store it in a cool and dry place.
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • Close the container properly
Target species Dogs /Cats/Small animals
Mode of application Oral
Key Ingredients scullcap
Manufacturer: Natural Animal Solutions
Brand Natural Animal Solutions
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Natural Animal Solutions Calm Drops


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Worked great on my furry pal

My doggy was terrified of fireworks. I gave him a few drops of this amazing product and since then he has been extremely calm. A great product!!! Thank you....

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A magical treatment for my furry pal!!!

I used this product on my nervous pooch and the results have been amazing. Now he has become lot more confident and willing. The great thing is that it is completely natural which keeps my pet safe. Thank you so much!!!!