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Equest Plus Tape (11.8 G)

Equest Plus Tape (11.8 G)

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Equest® Plus Tape for Horses

Equest® Plus Tape is a long acting horse wormer and boticide gel for horses. It treats and controls tapeworms, roundworms, small strongyles, and bots of horses and ponies. Just a single dose is effective against encysted stages of small strongyles: developing stages (DL), late encysted stages (LL3/EL4), and aids in control of early encysted stages (EL3) including inhibited larvae. It protects horses from all types of worms and stomach bots.

How does it work?

Equest Plus Tape contains two major ingredients – Moxidectin and Praziquantel. These two compounds work together to treat tapeworms and damages encysted small strongyles. In addition to tapeworm, it controls all the other major gastrointestinal worms and bots in horses. This horse wormer prevents significant re-occurrence of parasite eggs in the faeces of treated horses for up to 16 weeks.

Apart from tapeworm and roundworms it treats:

  • Pinworms: Oxyurus equi (adults and L3/L4 larval stages).
  • Ascarids: Parascaris equorum (adults and intestinal stages (L4)).
  • Hairworms: Trichostrongylus axei (adults).
  • Intestinal Threadworms: Strongyloides westeri.
  • Large Mouthed Stomach Worms: Habronema spp. (gastric and cutaneous (summer sore) forms).
  • Stomach Bots: Gasterophilus intestinalis (2 & 3 stage larvae), Gasterophilus nasalis (2 & 3 stage larvae).
  • Cutaneous Onchocerciasis: Onchocerca spp. (microfiliariae)


  • 1 tube is sufficient to treat a 575kg horse.
  • More than one syringe is needed to treat horses weighing more than 575 kg.
  • According to the directions on the pack, prepare the syringe to administer.
  • Ensure your horse mouth is empty.
  • Insert the nozzle of the syringe into the horse mouth.
  • Deliver the dose of gel into the back of the tongue by gently pushing the plunger until it stops.
  • Ensure that the gel is completely swallowed.  

Key Benefits

  • Equest Plus Tape is an effective broad spectrum horse wormer and bot treatment.
  • It treats tapeworms and encysted small strongyles.
  • Equest Plus Tape is palatable and ready to use treatment.
  • It works against gastro-intestinal parasite infections and protects horses from their harmful effect.
  • EQUEST® Plus Tape is the only horse wormer effective as a single dose against  developing stages (DL) and late encysted stages (LL3/EL4), including inhibited stages, of small strongyles.
  • It prevents roundworms and tapeworms in horses.


  • Keep away from pets and children.
  • EQUEST® Plus Tape is safe to use in foals over 4 weeks of age and in all breeding stock, including stallions and pregnant mares.
  • Animals to be used for meat or offal for human consumption must not be sold when under treatment or within 63 days of the last treatment.
  • Store below 25°C (Room Temperature).


  • Do not administer the full syringe to horses under 400kg. 
  • Take care with foals and smaller breeds in calibrating the dose.
  • Do not overdose the treatment.

More Information

Target species Horses
Mode of application Oral
Key Ingredients Moxidectin
Manufacturer Fort Dodge
Brand Equest Plus Tape
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Equest Plus

Equest Plus

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