4 Great Tips to Make This New Year’s Eve Special for your Doggy

Are you contemplating on ringing the New Year with your pooch this year? If yes; then do not despair. In fact parties and other celebrations can sometimes be overpowering, which can sometimes fail to live up to your expectations. While your doggy will never disappoint you. He will always be there with you and want to spend each and every moment of the year end with you. Isn’t it an amazing feeling to be with your furry pal who not only is accommodating, but also  inspiring when your chips are down? The great thing about celebrating the New Year’s Eve with your furry pal is that he will inevitably kiss you at midnight, which would make the moment even more special for you.


So, let us look at some of the tips to make the New Year’s Eve a special occasion for your doggy:

Host A Dog Party 

If you are a dog lover, it is always an amazing feeling to be with dogs. It is all about having a gala time and what better than to celebrate it with these selfless creatures who live their lives to fulfil your needs. The positive aspect of hosting a dog party is that there is no planning required to host the party. Plus, you always have your best friends and dogs to chill out with food and drinks. Is there a better way to celebrate the New Year’s Eve?

Make The Dogs Learn The Names Of Toys 

It has been researched and found that approximately dogs have the same intelligence as a 2 year old child. They have the capability of learning more than 200 words. So, New Year’s Eve is the time when you put their brains to test by teaching them the names of their favourite toys. You can do by initiating with a specific toy and then specify the name of it. Remember, dogs tend to put a value on their toys and by repeating the name while playing with it, they will start to pick up the name you are using. After practising for a while, you can put the brain of the doggy to test by asking them to get a particular toy through the name.

Develop A Doggy Calendar 

Since it will be beginning of the year 2017 soon it is time to take themed pictures of your furry pal on New Year’s Eve. Screen the best pictures out of the ones snapped which can make a good calendar photo. While taking the pictures don’t forget to reward them with treats when they cooperate.

Prepare a New Dog Food Recipe 

There are lots of DIY dog food recipe available on the internet. Pick up the one with your pet’s favourite ingredients which would make the eve special for your furry pal. This is your time to show that you are willing to try something different on the eve of the New Year which would start the New Year with a great delight for your doggy.

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This New Year’s Eve have fun with your pet and do not forget to get the essential pet care supplies. Have a wonderful New Year!!! Enjoy….