5 Amazing Benefits of Feeding Holistic Food to your Dog

Holistic food is slowly but surely becoming one of the most favourite dog foods of dog owners in our country. It is one of the most balanced foods that provides optimal nutrition to support their overall well-being. The ingredients present in holistic food have been selected keeping unique needs of dogs. It contains high levels of fatty acids and more digestible proteins. Since each and every dog has different nutritional requirements, there is a significant variation amongst different types of holistic dog food blends.


Let us first of all try to understand the difference between holistic food and low quality dog food. Low quality dog food focusses on low-cost production resulting in lower quality ingredients. The problem starts when the poor quality food is consumed by the dog. The overall nutrition present in this type of food is minimal which results in poor health of the furry pal.

So, if you feed a low quality dog food with poor quality ingredients and excessive fillers the result will soon show. It will result in dull eyes, a flat, non-shiny coat, excessive defecation, flatulence, and digestive complaints. These symptoms are the result of lack of adequate nutrients, vitamins and minerals in the dog food.

Excessive defecation can also be due to excess levels of food fillers or inability to process carbohydrates like wheat or corn. On the other hand, a dog that is fed high quality dog food will have a healthier and happy life.

Let us now look at some of the amazing benefits of holistic dog food:

Better Coat Health

A dog having better coat health will have a shiny coat which would enable him to shed less. Fish oil is one of the ingredients that aids in maintaining the overall coat health of the pet. Many holistic dog foods consist of fish oils in the list of ingredients. With the aid of holistic dog food, even dogs that experience excessive shedding have less hair when their food contains healthy supplements and fewer fillers.

Enhanced Skin Health 

Fish oil and vitamin E present in holistic dog food ensures that the dog’s skin is hydrated thus preventing drying. If your dog is experiencing dry or flaking skin then a holistic dog food would aid in reducing and eventually eradicating this problem.

Lazer Sharp Eye 

Holistic dog food contains more antioxidant-rich ingredients that are not only beneficial for the overall health of the dogs but also their eyes. With age, dogs start experiencing trouble with their eyesight. There are certain dog breeds that are prone to eyesight trouble. If you feed holistic dog food to your furry companion it would aid in curbing these concerns.

Greater Heart Health 

Holistic dog food contains high quality proteins in the diet. It consists of leaner proteins which ensures that dogs do not experience weight issues. The leaner protein in the diet ensures that the dog has a healthier and stronger heart.

Superior Intestinal Health 

Since holistic dog food contains prebiotics, it is better for the intestinal health of the furry pal. It ensures  flourishment of healthy bacteria in the dog’s intestine that assists in the digestion process. Dogs that are prone to diarrhoea and upset stomach experience better intestinal health when they switch to holistic dog food.

Remember, a healthy dog is a happy dog. Hence, start getting high quality dog food for your furry pal so that he can enjoy a long and fulfilling life ahead.