5 Ingenious Steps to Administer Tablets and Syrups to your Dog

Dogs Tablets
In an anonymous survey conducted in February 2008 it was reported that approximately 70% of pet-parents who responded indicated that they faced difficulties while administering tablets and syrups to their pet dog. You might agree that at some point of time pets would need medical attention during their lifespan. In such a scenario, it is best to visit your veterinary physician and get the tablets and syrups prescribed by them. The only catch over here is that you know that the tablets and syrups that the doctor prescribes are best for your pet but they do not. If you are fortunate enough, the tablet and syrup would taste delicious which would enable your pet to crave for more. But more often than not you will have to be imaginative while administering the tablets and syrups to your dog.

Administering Capsules or Tablets
It is a very tedious task to give a capsule or tablet to your dog. If you think that grinding or crushing the pill will work think again as it leads to a distasteful feeling in the mouth of your pet. This will prompt him to throw off the capsule or tablet. Furthermore, there are capsules and tablets that have a shielding coating around them, which get destroyed when you grind them. Hence, this way of administering the capsule or tablet will not work.

Let us look at an alternate way of administering capsules or tablets to your dog:

  • Slide your thumb behind the teeth of your dog and then open their mouth
  • When the mouth opens, grasp the upper jaw and then hold the capsule / tablet between your thumb and index finger
  • With the help of your middle finger drag the lower jaw to easily administer the medicine
  • Place the pill behind the tongue and press it. Please ensure that your dog does not spin the tongue. If that happens then it will be very hard to get the capsule or tablet in the mouth of your dog. Once you have successfully placed the pill inside the throat of your pet close their mouth and rub the throat. This will ensure that your pet does not cough out the capsule or tablet but ingests it.
  • Then when the pill is swallowed by your pet give a small treat to them. Praise them for their good behaviour. Note: There are certain capsules and tablets that can be given with food. But if it is a wet food, then you need to make small balls and then place the capsule or tablet in the middle of the ball and then give it to the pet.

Administering Syrups
Compared to capsules and tablets, syrups are moderately straightforward to administer. Place the syrup between the molars and cheek of the pet. It is advised to utilize a dropper or syringe to administer it.
Follow the steps to administer syrups to dogs:

  • Lock the jaws of the pet and then squeeze the lips as one.
  • Place the end of the syringe or dropper in the cheek of the pet. Close the lips of the pet so that the medicine does not come out of the pet’s mouth.
  • Keep the head of the pet straight so that the syrup can be easily gulped down by them.
  • If there is a large dose that needs to be provided takes a gap between the dose and then administer the syrup. Note: If you fill in the entire syringe in the mouth of your pet it can lead to gagging.
  • Once the syrup has been gulped down by your pet ensure that your pet gets a small treat. Then praise them for their good behaviour.

Before administering the syrup, check with your veterinary physician for the adequate dosage that needs to be provided to your pet. Also have regular check-up of the pet so that the right treatment is provided to them instantly. Also keep all the medicines away from the reach of pets and children.