5 Logical Reasons for Changing the Dog Food

Giving the right food to your furry companion has a significant impact on his long term health. This is the reason which makes feeding the best dog food a must for highest quality of life for your dog. If you are wondering whether it is the right time to change the dog food or have recently changed it, we have provided logical reasons that showcase the need for the change of the dog food:


Dull & Flaky Coat 

Have you seen your dog’s coat recently? Is it shiny and bright or dull and flaky. If it is the latter, it can be due to the weather or air conditions. But it has been researched and found that dull and flaky coat is often due to the dog food that you are giving to your furry companion on a daily basis. This is when switching to a diet with ample Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids can solve the situation. If you change your dog’s diet and your dog’s coat condition fails to improve, discuss the situation with your veterinarian.

Gradual Drop In The Energy Level Of The Dog 

Have you recently observed a gradual drop in the energy level of your dog? If yes; it can be due to the fact that he is not getting enough antioxidants and other nutrients from the dog food. This is where switching to a higher quality dog food can aid in making your dog’s energy go up. If you observe a significant and sudden drop of energy levels in your dog brings it to the veterinarian’s attention immediately.

Failure To Maintain Healthy Weight 

Eating fast food can lead to weight gain rather than home-cooked meals in humans. In the same way, eating lower quality dog food makes it difficult for the dog to maintain healthy weight. You can assist your dog to get back to their ideal weight by switching to a higher quality food brand that provides requisite nutrients with a maintenance level of calories.

Problems That Might Creep Up After Changing The Dog Food 

Food Allergies 

It has been observed that dogs are prone to common allergies. Remember, ingredients including wheat, corn or soy in your dog’s food are some of the common causes of food-based pet allergies. Just like human beings, there are wide array of reasons for dogs to experience allergies. But if you have recently changed the dog food and are noticing that your doggy has suddenly become more itchy than ever before, there is a good chance it is directly connected to the change.

Stomach Issues 

When you switch from one dog food to another, there is a chance that your dog would experience some stomach issues. But you can minimise the issues like loose stool and flatulence by gradually transitioning from one food to another. It is therefore suggested to make the transition over the course of six days by mixing the two foods and consistently reducing the percentage of old food.

So, what is your reason for changing the dog food of your furry companion?