5 questions to ask before getting a pet

Have you ever been tempted to buy a pug puppy in the spur of the moment after seeing a cute pug video on Instagram? Or were you amused by a cat’s peculiar antics and thought to yourself, “Oh, it would be so much fun if I had a cat”? If yes, you need to stop right there!

Pets are a boon to humanity. But everyone should be aware that having a pet solely for the purpose of entertainment is inappropriate.

So, before you can make that wish a reality, you’ll need to do a lot more thinking. Just like the questions we’ve listed here:

Is it possible for you to commit to having a pet for the foreseeable future?

Dogs and cats have a lifespan of 10-15 years on average. Would you be able to devote yourself to them for such a long period of time? Dogs and cats necessitate a great deal of attention. If you don’t think you’ll be able to dedicate enough time to your pet, getting one isn’t the best option for you. Alternatively, you can get a fish, which requires less time and energy.

What kind of pet is right for you?

Once you are determined to bring a pet into your home, it’s time to go and find your new little friend. Where do you begin, though?

First and foremost, determine which breed of dog/cat is best for you. Make a list of the characteristics that you prefer and those that you do not.

  • Do you want your pet to be large or small? Small pets often thrive in cramped quarters. Large and giant pets cost more in terms of food, equipment, and medicines.
  • Do you want an active adult pet or one that will probably calm down in a year or two?
  • How much physical activity do you think you’ll be able to provide?
  • Also, take into account the kind of hair coat you have. Are you prepared to go through the process of shedding? Do you prefer a pet that sheds very little, or sheds a lot? Low-shedding pets might need frequent grooming appointments. Is this something you can manage?

Is your home pet-friendly?

Did you know that even something as simple as chewing gum can be fatal to pets? It’s important to go through your home now to look for potential hazards. Remove them from the way or take them out of the house before bringing a new pet home.

Cabinets at pet level, countertops, chemical bottles on the floor, small toys, electric cords, and curtain cords are all examples of potential hazards. It doesn’t end here. You’ll also need to look for poisonous plants for dogs and cats in your house and yard.

Can you afford one?

Animals need constant attention, and even the healthiest of them may require visits to the veterinarian on a regular basis. Emergencies can happen at any time. Money matters, and if you think you will struggle to cover the costs of all the high-quality pet food, regular vaccinations, pet medications, and any necessary surgeries in the event of an accident, you should probably wait until you are in a more financially secure stage of your life to get a pet.

Do you have time for a pet? 

A dog isn’t like a fish where you can feed it and then forget about it (no offence to the committed fish owners out there). You are taking on the responsibility of another life when you bring a pet to your family, so make sure you have time to devote towards it.

If you are planning to adopt a puppy, it will need a lot of love and attention. If you travel regularly, work long hours, or will be leaving your pet alone all day, you should think twice about getting a pet.

Keep in mind that a pet’s lifespan is far shorter than that of the average human. It gets by quickly! So be your pet’s best friend and show your affection towards it every day!

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