5 Tips For Quality Oral Care For Dogs – Pet Dental Month

Is your pet’s smile enticing or you dread-off of him due to that stinky smell that you whiff as he shows his canines? It is time you start caring more intensely about his oral health and hygiene.

5 tips for quality oral care for dogs

Pet Dental Month is an opportunity created by the Australian Veterinarian Dental Society to improvise on the oral health care of our pets. Oral diseases in pets lead to stinky breath, gum diseases, redness in gums and even bleeding. In more severe cases, the bacterial growth in the mouth can spread to internal organs causing many organ diseases. Thus, it is imperative to maintain a good oral health in pets as they are completely dependent on us for their care.  Here are some habits and chores a pet owner must follow to keep his/her pet disease proof.

Brushing On A Weekly Basis

For every pet owner it is important that they brush their pet’s teeth properly with a finger brush and pet toothpaste. Regular brushing will help remove any plaque build-up in the teeth and will also keep his breath fresh. One mistake that most owners do is using human grade toothpaste on their pets. You should stop this habit right away! Using toothpaste formulated for humans can damage pet’s teeth because of high amount of fluoride in it.

Provide Dental Chews And Sprays

Dental chews and sprays have teeth cleaning properties. Thus, regardless of the special occasion, you must always provide dental chews to your pet. Sprays formulated for teeth and gum cleaning, are also very helpful and potent in removing the plaque /tartar formation in pets. So, everytime you give him any meal or snack, you can just spray the solution after he is done eating.

Dental Treats

Dogs love treats and more so if the flavor is favourable to their taste buds. Dog Dental treats make for a nice munch and come in a variety of flavors like beef and chicken. They give a good exercise to their jaw and muzzle besides cleaning their teeth. Rather than providing calorie dense treats that do nothing but makes the pet gain more weight, it is better to make them eat treats that help their body in some way.

Visit The Vet For Deep Cleaning

We definitely know how to brush our pet’s teeth but professionals certainly know it better. They have all the equipment which lets them check each and every corner of the pet’s mouth more clearly. Regular oral check by the vet also ensures any onset of the disease is gauged in advance.

Provide Raw Bones And Diet Good For Teeth

Raw bones help remove left out food debris from the mouth and are a good source of calcium. They also give a good exercise to the pet’s mouth thus are highly beneficial for facial bones and gums as well. Other than that, a good diet which includes fruits and vegetables are also healthy for your dog. Apples and carrots don’t sticks to the pet’s teeth and thus can be given routinely.

Pet Dental Month facilitates the idea of paying attention to the pet’s oral hygiene as well. It is an important part of the body through which most of the disease can get way to the internal system. Thus it is extremely necessary to keep this path clean so it doesn’t become a breeding ground for bacteria. So, follow the mentioned tips and next time do not cancel your vet appointment however busy you are.