7 Plausible Steps to keep your Depressed Dog Happy

These are some excerpts from a study where the pet owners have claimed how different their pets react and turn to be when they are undergoing depression or fighting anxiety. Oblivion to the signs of depression of their furry pals, many pet owners do not know what to do and how to help their furry friends to come out of this state.

If you find your pet behave abnormally, sleeping all the time, staying away from family members, bickering too much and producing all sorts of odd sounds, then it’s signal for you to take necessary steps to help him/her normalize.

Here are the seven plausible steps to alleviate depression in your furry friend.

Spend Quality Time with Them

The busy lifestyle may definitely cut down your time with no time left to spend with your furry pal. But a quality time spent can quadruple your pet happiness and aids in lowering depression. Take a quick ride on a to-do-list and infuse a ‘my-pet’ time in it.

Additionally, whenever you get time just spend it with your furry companion making them feel special. This will help them relax and de-stress.

Take Them Outdoors

Taking your furry companion out for a jolly afternoon in a park is an excellent way of bringing a smile on their face. Moreover, in dog parks finding other dog companions, your furry pal may seem to enjoy and love the company.

Reflect Happiness in You

Your dog reflects your attitude – whether you believe it or not – it’s a fact. Your jovial nature, playful attitude and being happy too makes your furry friend attune that character and stay high in spirits.

Socialize Your Pet

Staying alone all the time without mixing with other fur pals can be a deadlock and can definitely put your dog down in a depressing state. Relatable to humans who are social animals, four-legged companions love to socialize. Helping them to network with other neighbourhood pets is a great way that not only alleviates their mood but also boosts their happy hormones thwarting the distressing elements.

Play Some Dog Music

No matter how you feel, when you tune in your favourite music – you will feel quite relaxed. And, the dogs too are no exceptions when it comes to playing music. When you find your furry pal in a low mood, just turn on that dog music and watch out how he wags his tail on the notes of the music.

Treat with Treats

This is the best strategy when it comes to positive reinforcement. When you find that your furry pal is dripping down in the state of depression, feed him some delicious treats or pat on a head. The delectable taste can boost the mood.

Take Him On A Drive

Had a bad day, and just get on behind the wheels to get some fresh breeze on the highway. Unconsciously, most of us may tend to do this, than how about your furry pal?

A drive through the highway is always relaxing not only to you but also to your furry friend. That soothing breeze on the drive just detangles all the stressful nerves. The experience will be both calming and mesmerising. So, if you find your pet in low mood take him on a drive.

Depression is not something that only humans suffer from, even dogs fall victim to this ominous health condition. Being aware of the signs and taking up steps to help your furry pal to lead a healthy life is of utmost important.

As the adage goes – A healthy pet is a reflection of a healthy pet parent.