Bathing Your Kitty – A Guide for Stress Free Bath Time

Cats are great groomers as they always lick themselves trying to clean up all the stuff. So, you may not consider cleaning your kitty. Contrarily, your cat do requires a good bath to clean up all that dirt, allergens and unwanted debris that have been accumulated on her body. It is absolute essential to frequently wash your cat’s coat and crucial to take care of their hygiene.

Unkempt cat is definitely an open gateway for a number of diseases and health conditions due to dirty hair. Practically, you would also not love seeing your cat dirty, and would like to get onto your heels to clean them up and keep them in a healthy state. However, on the other side, kitties are quite fussy when it comes to bathing. And, they will normally try to avoid this ritual.

So, let’s see how you can get going with this ritual for your furry companion.

Start At Early Age

Pet parents always start familiarising their kitties with bathing only when they have reached adulthood or a certain age. Contrary to this, start habituating your kitty with bath time as early as possible. At the initial stages, consider giving them short baths on occasions. This will be a good start to take them on the track for rest of the years.

A Commotion Before Starting The Bath

Bath time is the most crucial part of the day for your kitty. Therefore, ensure that you are all set taking hold of all the essential equipments crucial for bathing ritual. It is the most annoying part of any work, when you don’t have the right tools or lest be said the key equipment goes missing when you are about to start a task. The same scenario applies to the bath time. You have all set taking your kitty for a bath and DAMN….there is no shampoo or a washing loofah. So, get ready with all the necessary things before gearing up for your kitty’s bath time.

The Final Ceremony – Bathing The Cat

For most cats, bathing is the most unlikeable task which they would always try to avoid. Sometimes, just knowing that you are about to take them for bathing ritual, they feel panic or anxious. Therefore, it is crucial that you keep your cat calm while they’re in bath. You can use Cat Feliway spray to help them stay calm. Bathing is something that is not a natural experience for cats. So, definitely they would try to run away. Treat them with some delicacies after bathing ritual, which can help them recognize the bathing time a rewarding phenomenon.

Equipments for Your Kitty’s Bath Time

  • Large bucket, sink or bath.
  • Measuring jug
  • Cat shampoo
  • Warm water (not too hot or too cold)
  • Towel
  • Face washer or cloth

Start with filling the bucket, bath or sink with warm water. Ensure that the water level is at reasonable level. Your cat should not be chin deep inside the water. Gradually get your kitty into the water. Hold them so they don’t feel scared. Let them slowly assimilate to the temperature of the water.

Once they feel acquainted with the water, take jug and spread water over the whole body from tail to neck. For washing their face, you will need a face cloth so that you can gently clean their ears, eyes, nose and face. Cleaning of these sensitive parts of your cat’s body require placid approach without any force. Take small amount of shampoo in your hand. Always go for branded shampoos like Aloveen Shampoo, Epi-Soothe or Fido’s as these are gentle on sensitive skin of your kitty. Gently massage up for lather all over the body of your cat. Then slowly rinse off the shampoo. Make sure that you properly rinse off the shampoo without leaving behind any residue.

The Closing Ceremony – Post Bath

Who don’t feel elated and relaxed after a good bath? Your cat would just feel the same and reaching the end of bath time, take them out of the water and wrap them up in a towel right after their bath.

When your cat’s bathing is finished, appraising will boost her confidence and will prepare her to be ready for the next bathing ritual. You can even praise her by feeding her some cat treats to leave a positive mark in her memory regarding bath time.