Checklist for Being The Finest Pet Parent

Pet care is not as simple as it might seem. It is far more challenging and time consuming, especially if you are a working person. Owning a pet comes with responsibilities you need to render. Duty bound, you still need to perform the best of whatever it takes to make your pet joyous. Knowing and understanding your pet should be the first and foremost thing to do.


Here are a few points for your checklist to ensure maintenance of your furry pal: 

  • Homely Feel

When you bring a pet to your home, you can’t expect them to adjust themselves in a day or two. To ensure that your pet feels like home, you should give him space and time and be patient enough to let them get accustomed to it. Let them choose the room they want to sleep in, a place they are comfortable to stay and play.

  • Proper Nutrition Supply

Make sure you are providing with apt and abundant nutrition to your pet in a day. If you are not aware of the kind of food you should be feeding them, then contact a vet.

  • Endless Love and Care

The secret recipe of any successful relationship in this world is love and care. Your pet is likely to embrace itself in all the joys and sorrows of your life sharing an unbreakable bond, if given endless love and taken proper care of.

  • Proper Training

Although you may teach your pet basic things at home, providing proper training to them is necessary. Obedience training will help them in grasping good habits and will help them behave in a mannered way. Training will regulate undesirable behaviors in the pet.

  • Socialization

Round the clock presence of you is not possible if you are a working person, so you might need to hire a pet sitter or find a daycare for your pet. Socialization with other pets and people will help your pet easily adjust itself. Lack of socialization in pets make them aggressive and anxious. When your pet is calm around new surroundings and people, reward their good behavior with a pat or treats. Such appreciation ensures building up of pet’s well-mannered behavior.

  • Proper Heath Care and Regular Vet Checkups

To protect your pet from diseases, regular vet checkups must be done, especially if your pet is very young. Spay or neuter your pet. Important vaccinations should be given to them.

Groom your pet, cut and file their nails in regular intervals of time. Dental health should also be taken care of by regular brushing of teeth and rinsing. Maintain a balanced diet and provide plenty of water to them.

  • Exercise 

Exercising your pet is vital for their welfare. It keeps them fit and prevent your dog from becoming obese, which can lead to health problems. Exercise boosts energy in the pets and they become active and lively. Mental exercise is also important for your pet. Puzzle games, solving tricks or any catch-throw game, which provide them treats attracts them and helps them gain a sense of alertness.

Technology also plays a significant role in keeping your pet from feeling lonely while you are away. Providing your pet with ID tag, cleanliness and prioritizing their happiness are some of the factors that may also add up to being the best pet parent.