Five UNIQUE Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day with Your Dog

Mothers are the real gems of life. It is rightly said that God can’t be there everywhere, and that’s why he has created mother – Godly being for every creature on this Earth. Times come and times go, things changes, revolutions occur but mother’s love cannot deter or change for the child.


And the same thing applies to every dog mom. Pet mothers are always full of love and ensures that their furry pals get the best care and stay healthy and happy. This Mother’s Day help your Fido wish you a happy mother’s day in a different manner.

So, let’s find how uniquely you can celebrate this Mother’s Day with your furry pal.

Go for a Dinner together

As the weather get warmer, restaurants start laying out patios and sidewalks for al fresco dining. Try to find a pet friendly restaurant and book a table for two. Have a great celebration, having that small cake and ordering some special dish for your doggy, makes it a wonderful day. Enjoy the evening having a delicious dinner and spend your time together.

Unleash a great gift

It’s a holiday, so dress your dog up with a beautiful collar or a leash designed with Mother’s day symbols or slogans or signs. Even collars with hearts and flowers can be opted. It will all brighten your day making you feel a proud mother. Try to make your Fido wear beautiful dress. Or any other mother’s day dog’s clothes. Some stores even sell clothes with special mother’s day slogan.

Help your dog send you a card

Definitely, dogs would not be able to go for shopping and buy some beautiful gifts for you. But no doubt, you can do that on your furry pal’s behalf. You can go to a card’s shop and buy a super cool Mother’s Day card. You can help your dog to shop this card and go around to multiple places for shopping with your furry pal.

Celebrate with special bouquet

Get yourself gifted with beautiful bunch of flowers. As Mother’s Day is on Sunday, you can go to nearby farmer’s market and choose beautiful flowers of different colors and order an amazing bouquet. Go with your dog and sniff out the flowers and brighten the week. Many farmer’s market also stall tasty farm food. With that unique bouquet and a bite of tasty brunch makes you want for nothing more for a mom’s day celebration.

Buy from a Huge Sale!

There is no better gift that your furry pal can give you than the gift of love and Health. With your dog giving you so much love, make it this Mother’s Day a special day for him with a return gift. Buy important pet care supplies for your Fido. Stock up with extra discounts buying from the special Mother’s Day Sale especially for dog’s moms. Ranging from the branded flea and tick treatments to effective wormers, put your eye on special supplements that are essential for the health of your dog.

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