Going Down The Memory Lane for the Fallen Paws on Remembrance Day


Remembrance day is celebrated in our country on 11th November every year to honour the brave men and women who gave their everything to give us freedom. It is also during this time that one must not forget about the invaluable contributions of countless animals that dedicated their lives during war times historically. Some of the major contributions of these animals were:

  • Dogs were employed to carry significant messages from one soldier to another along with bomb detection. Currently we have lots of dogs that are employed in our force and bomb detection along with search and rescue functions.

  • Horses and mules were used to carry both transporting of troops and supplies.

  • Elephants were utilised in the South Pacific to transport and haul supplies along with helping to build roads and bridges.

  • Millions of pigeons were used in both first and second world war as letter carriers.

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