How Pets Prove Beneficial for People living in old Age Homes?

How pets prove beneficial for people living in old age homes

Australia has the highest pet ownership ratio in the world with more than 60% of the households having a pet. Pets have always been and will always be an integral part of the Australian way of life. For pet-parents in Australia they are considered to be part of the family. It has been noticed that pet owners visit doctors less compared to those who do not have pets.

For elderly people they prove to be a great companion. They help in reducing the blood pressure of old people and encourage them to do exercise, thereby increasing social behavior amongst them. For those elderly people who do not have their own children or are living alone, for them pets are even closer than their family. One of the great qualities of pets is that they give unconditional love and always ensure that we have a smiling face while we are with them. Hence, it is often said that if you have a pet, your life is happier than the ones who do not have a pet.

According to research it has been found that elderly people are the most to benefit from a pet. People who are residing in an old age home or long term hospital care need to give up on the pets when it is the most definitive time for them to have a pet around. The problem is that old age homes and hospitals do not allow pets to be in these centres. This is a great disadvantage to the elderly and sick people.

But with times this has changed drastically. As of now, there are various organizations that are providing pet therapeutic service in old age homes. The services vary from organization to organization. Some organizations allow visits of pets to the centre with nominal fees that is clubbed with residential fees to be paid by the resident in care.

With so many rescue groups trying to find out safe homes for orphaned pets, old age homes deserve a chance to adopt these pets to make the lives of elderly better. On top of this, if the pet is old then he will enjoy the calm atmosphere that he gets in old age homes. There needs to be a growing emphasis on the health of the elderly people. Here we are not talking about physical health but mental health.

Pets prove therapeutic for older people and the pet’s presence work as a magic on their health. The only thing that older people want is a good companion who can spend quality time with them and listen to them. Pets can do that and there is a great chance that the health of elderly people becomes better by spending time with these pets.

This is a great thought which needs to be envisioned and put into practice so that older people get the chance to live their life happily and get the mental peace that they are looking for at the twilight of their age. Read More: