MIB International: Frank the Pug Makes A Comeback


The character Frank the Pug who not only stole the show in the first 2 movies of the MIB series but also made a place in the hearts of the audiences is returning in the upcoming movie of MIB series and we can’t keep calm. If the new posters of the MIB International movie are to be believed, then Frank the Pug is back in the game and will be saving the world from the evil aliens.

Let’s go through the history of Frank the Pug in the MIB franchisee

Frank the Pug in MIB I

The character was first seen in MIB I that released in 1997. Based on the MIB cartoon series, a famous and one of the most loved series among adults and children, MIB I was adored and appreciated by the audiences. Though Frank the Pug’s screen time was brief but the character left people in splits. Imagine a cute pug sitting in a shop, and wearing a cool shirt with “I love NY” written on it suddenly starts talking and you realise that he is an alien, and that too, a wickedly funny one. His dialogues were written with enough quirkiness that made the character more loveable.

The character was really hilarious. Hence, Frank the Pug, in spite of the small footage he got, the character was able to give a tough competition to the leads Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. People were talking cheering and loving the character.

Frank the Pug in MIB II

Audiences wanted more of Frank in the sequel, especially the fido lovers. Also, the director, Barry Sonnenfeld realised the potential of the character and the animal actor who was playing the character and thus as a reward, the Frank was given more screen space with funny setups and dialogues in the sequel of MIB’s first part. In MIB II, which was released in 2002, Frank the Pug is shown as the agent F who has joined the MIB team and is a partner to Agent J, Will Smith.

He is seen troubling Will Smith and raising the entertainment quotient of the movie. Agent F looks cutely stylish in the Men in Black Suit.

Frank the Pug in MIB III

Sadly just before the crew could start the shoot of the movie, Mushu, the cute pug who was playing the character, departed and left everybody sad. Hence, in MIB III, there is an image of Frank the pug shown in one of the scenes. It was included to give tribute to Mushu and the character.

Mushu the Pug Who Played the Character

Mushu was an animal actor that learned quite quickly and was brilliant in his job. The actor built a great rapport with Will Smith which ultimately transformed on the screen as well.

Cristie Mieleie, the trainer of Mushu, said,” He loved to act. Right from the first day on sets he was very comfortable and grasped each and everything that was taught to him. He quickly learned sitting, staying and working alongside the human co-actors. He was a trainer’s dog and director’s actor.

Though the entire experience of shooting was very smooth for him but there were one or two scenes that were challenging. The scene in which he had to wear a headphone and send information to the headquarters while getting inside an aliens dead body was tough but he came out victoriously.

We Will Miss Mushu

The actor lived in a 20-acre ranch with 8 more dogs. Obviously he had a celebrity like lifestyle.

Sadly, the dog was not able to be a part of MIB III but was missed a lot. He made the character loveable and timeless.

In MIB –International, the character Frank the Pug will make a comeback, good news for the fans but let’s hope that the new pug will play the role like Mushu played.