Why controlling fleas and ticks on your canine is so important?

Fleas and ticks are such parasites that are not only headache if you are living in wild areas but also can easily get onto your dog roaming around the home. To control something, we first need to be aware about its whole process. How your doggies caught fleas and ticks? To have complete destruction, you must know how they make your Fido a residence.


How Fleas And Ticks Make Their Residence On Your Pet?

No matter how hard you follow hygiene practice to keep away fleas and ticks, as they are canny creature they easily make their way to your dear canine and into your home.

The dog easily gets affected by fleas while playing with other infected pets or being infested with the fleas available in the environment. Fleas have different life stages- eggs, larvae, pupae and adult fleas. Fleas don’t have wings but they can jump from one host to another. Dogs can also easily get infected by flea eggs or flea larvae, which are usually known as flea dust.

Ticks are blood-sucking creepy crawlies. Ticks mostly reside in yards and gardens, as they are lying on long grass. As soon as they find warm body around them, they simply jump on it and make your furry friend a new home.

Daily Hygiene Practice to Follow

  1. Make bathing a daily habit for you furry pal.
  1. Use shampoo with ingredients that are toxic to fleas and ticks!
  1. Use flea combs and ticks catcher regularly after washing your pet!
  1. Keeps surroundings, pet’s vessels and bowls, pet’s home; all neat and clean!
  1. If possible make a habit of wearing old clothes to your canine, to protect his body while going in yards or wild areas. It will also look fancy, Make it fashionable!
  1. Making your dog wear a tick collar is a necessity and not royalty! Gift your furry pal one today!
  1. You may also use homemade pulps or shampoos but it is not advisable to use them on your furry pals, as you may be unaware of its ingredients, dosage and side effects.

Ticks and Fleas Treatment

There are many spot on treatments and products available on market. You can easily choose pack of any product by just measuring weight of you pooch. But question is how you would know which product will be perfect for you dear furry friend? Different Products is been designed with different ingredients to help you with different treatments. Some products are useful for both ticks and fleas while some products are useful for adult fleas and destroying their life cycles, some can be helpful for both fleas and wormers. Some are useful for heavy infestation while others are designed to destroy early life-cycles of fleas and ticks.

Before applying any treatment, careful about allergic reaction your dog might have with different ingredients. Even if you are aware about allergies, you still need to read properly about how to apply, time intervals between dosages and additional information. Read all the instructions properly, available online or given with the product.

Frontline Plus is favorite of all the time and best selling product! You can also choose from Advantix, Advantage or Advocate. Although they belong to same manufacture still have versatile control over ripple fleas and different stages flea life cycles.

Chewable and Oral Medications

Lot of dogs have resistance to oral medications but for their sake it is important to feed them oral medication or chewable whenever necessary. The main reason of using chewable and medicines is most of the medicines start working within 24 hours and has instant impact on fleas and ticks. You need to complete the full course and keep treating your furry pal at regular time intervals as mentioned on the product.

Most products are not harmful to dogs but if you have more dogs then keep in mind that dosage and ingredient will be different for different pets and between cats and dogs. You can choose chewable also, but make sure your pet complete the whole chewable or else you need to give another dose.  Comfortis and Nexgard are most famo us brand and widely used by pet owners.

Need of Vet Advice

If you have just adopted little puppy and you are not very much sure about allergies, it might be better to consult a vet. For your adult puppy, it is always advisable to take for vet examination at proper time intervals, so vet can catch the signs and can prescribe proper treatment or medications accordingly.

Control over Complete elimination of ticks and fleas on your doggie and in your home is bit a difficult task but with daily hygiene practice and regular treatments you can defiantly improve the quality of life of your furry friend. Being careless can cause a serious damage to your canine but taking regular follow ups of the treatments will not only help in making your pooch a healthy pooch but also a well being and a happy Pooch.