Why to Choose Revolution for My Cat?

Have you ever wondered why at times your cat behaves abnormally with constant scratching, licking or itching continuously or moving her head vigorously as if something is inside her head,? Among the various reasons that trigger her to behave as such, the most acceptable and likely might be ear mites or fleas and ticks. These parasites are always ready to jump on the adventures and churn out dangers for your kitty to face. But that one thing that keeps these nasty creatures at bay from your cat is flea and tick treatment.

Though numerous parasitic treatments are available, only some effective ones provide a broad spectrum protection. Among these few, Revolution with its potent gear is one that offers wider shielding and brings with it huge benefits for your kitty.

Why Choose Revolution for Your Cat?

With so many products on the market, you must be wondering why only choose Revolution for your cat. Well to explain and help you get the right insight about this product, there are not one or two but five proven reasons that substantiate why Revolution?

Your cat – the inevitable part of your life – surely deserves total protection. And, with Revolution you can, due to its powerful mechanism and five parasitic treatment matrixes. The topical solution protects against fleas and prevents mosquito-transmitted heartworm disease.

The FIVE POWER-PACKED proven reasons are:

  • Vet’s number one choice
  • Five-in-one parasitic protection
  • No separation needed from family after application
  • Non-greasy, easy to apply treatment
  • Provides year round protection

Let Us Find How Revolution Provides Five-In-One Parasitic Protection


These are nasty creatures that not only infect your kitty but also spread flea-borne diseases including tapeworm infection. Fleas also spread flea allergy dermatitis and other skin conditions like skin rashes, bald spots, flaky and dry skin and hot spots. When left unchecked, in severe cases, it can even lead to anemia and fatalities.

Revolution by destroying adult fleas treats flea infestations and controls further nuisance that can be caused due to fleas. Inhibiting flea eggs, it restricts multitude of flea population and prevents future infestations. The topical solution controls various flea inflected diseases.


Worst of its kinds, heartworm disease is dangerous and can be fatal for cats. And, mosquitoes are the carriers of this disease. Therefore, a single bite of an infected mosquito can put your cat at risk of heartworm infection. Moreover, there’s no exception for indoor cats too as there is no way that you can completely prevent mosquitoes from entering your home.

Revolution has the power to kill mosquitoes and control the transmission of the disease.


Roundworms are the internal parasites that infect the small intestines and cause health issues in cats, especially kittens are highly affected. Furthermore, the roundworm infection can even transfer to humans, which is a real threat.

The power of selamectin in Revolution aids in eliminating these worms and controls intestinal worm infections protecting your cat from the harmful effects.


Similar to roundworms, hookworms too are threat to cat’s health. These worms with hook like mouth get attached to the walls of intestines and suck away nutrients from your furry companion. At worst, when not taken care of, can cause anemia, weight loss and diarrhea and heavy infestations can be fatal. These worms easily infect your cat as they are transmitted through infected prey like rodents that your cat may feast on or through litter box, which may not cleaned properly.

Revolution acts on hookworms and removes them protecting your cat from its harmful effects.

Ear Mites

These tiny critters easily transmit from one animal to another animal’s ears feeding on the debris in the ear canal. These parasites can cause severe irritation, leading to red, itchy and painful ears. In severe cases, when your cat scratches intensely, ears can be damaged.

Revolution treats this by eliminating ear mites and protects your cat from further damage.

With a myriad of benefits, Revolution supremely is one of the best flea and tick treatments offering a full spectrum protection.

To check further the efficacy of Revolution, let us compare it with a popular flea and tick treatment.

Parasitic Treatment Comparison of Revolution with another popular Flea and Tick Medication