4 Stimulating Dog Toys to get as a Souvenir on the Occasion of Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is here upon us and we recognize that all the Australians; including you, the dog owners would like to spend some quality time with their valentine. But what about your pooch? Don’t you think that they deserve something that can not only give them the company while you are enjoying your big date but also keep them engaged during your absence?

Taking this into deliberation, we have enumerated some toys that are tailor-made to keep your pooch occupied and stimulated:

Kong Wobbler Treat Dispensing Dog Toy

Kong Wobbler has been designed to keep the smart dogs active and stimulated. It is a Kong shaped toy that doles out food and treats to the dogs when pushed by the dog’s nose. It vibrates, spins and rolls and then randomly dishes out tasty treats. This toy keeps the dogs fit and active. It not only provides great playtime to the dogs, but also has a wide array of action-packed activities for dogs. This food dispenser can even be used as a substitute for a traditional food bowl.

Hyper Gnaw Boomerang Dog Toy Green

Hyper Gnaw Boomerang is an ingenious dog toy that keeps the dog engaged for a very long time. The squeaker inside the toy makes squeaking sound that stimulates the dog. It is made up of durable material which makes it good for chewers and soft on their mouth. There is no presence of toxic element in the dog toy hence; it can be used as a perfect foil for fetching games.

Hyper Pet Patchwork Palz Elephant Dog Toy

Hyper Pet Patchwork Palz Elephant Dog Toy has been created to fill in the empty void created during your absence. This dog toy acts as an ideal buddy to your pooch to have fun. The beautiful patchwork of the toy engages the dog for hours. This toy’s squeak stimulates your pooch’s attention and keeps them occupied with games for several hours. This toy can be given to dogs of any age and breed and it will give them the perfect companionship when you are away from them.

Hyper Pet Tweeter Ball Dog Toy

Hyper Tweeter Ball has been designed to keep the dogs occupied in playtime. It consists of 12 different types of whistles that tweet through the air, which keeps the dog interested in the ball. This ball stimulates the dog’s fun glands and keeps them energized.

In order to make your doggy proficient in playing with these toys it is important to devote some time to practice with these toys. With time you will find that they will find the stimulating activities involved in these toys highly interesting. Start by giving them treats in the form of rewards when they play with the toy correctly.

Once the dog gets to learn about the activity, it will become a lot easier to have them alone with the toys while you enjoy your big date on the Valentine’s Day. To make your Valentine’s Day special; we, at VetSupply are offering 10% discount on all pet supplies. This is a small gesture from us towards our loyal customer base. We are also looking forward to making new clientele that would add up to our already satisfied customer list. So which dog toy are you planning to get this Valentine’s Day for your furry friend?