5 Amazing Ways to Capture Australia Day Memories with your Dog

Australia Day is all about celebrating everything Australian, including pet ownership. It is also one of the hottest seasons, which gives you an opportunity to enjoy great outdoor time with your furry pals from organising picnics, playing Frisbee on the beach to barbecues in your backyard. Pets are an important part of this festive celebration, so you need to ensure that they have a gala time on this day. What better than to steal the memory of your furry pal celebrating with you on Australia Day by taking their pictures?


To do it in the best possible manner, look at these amazing ways to capture Australia Day memories with your dog:

The Summer Light

The extended days of summer give you the best opportunity to have extended playtime with your best buddy. It is also your perfect opportunity for an amazing illumination for photography. The warm light of long summer days is the perfect time to catch the photos of your pooch. You can get a warm colour assemblage or luminescence to your photos in the most flattening of lights. Have your camera with you so that you can capture the best moments of your furry pal during Australia Day.

The Beach Photo 

The amazing view of the golden sand, blue sky and waves is the best possible way to celebrate this great historic day. It is your perfect setting for capturing the best memories with your doggy. It is beaming with natural light and with so many memorable activities to select from, it can give you the best possible memories of your furry pal. Capture them racing through the waves, shafting their nose in the sand or pursuing the seagulls.

The Wet Shake 

After swimming at the beach or gushing under the sprinkler a dog will shake inevitably. You can capture the best moments by having your camera when the doggy exits the water. It can be a crafty photo to be taken perfectly but when it is taken perfectly it can give the most amazing satisfaction –  a spray of water droplets, and chops flying all make the wet dog shake and crazy tongue make a great photo.

Sunset Silhouette 

Taking the pictures of your furry pals during the sunset is the best possible thing. While capturing the moment, ensure that you get a clear area or hill top and adjust your camera for sky brightness and then capture the action of your doggy as a silhouette. Taking jump and action photos is the best way to capture the amazing moments of Australia Day.

Australia Day Mementos 

A ceremonial photo of your doggy is the best way to celebrate Australia Day. Purchase cute themed photo, flags, collars and even wigs that would make funny props to enjoy this historic day.

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