5 Health Problems Commonly Found in Dogs During Their First Year of Birth

Whenever you adopt a newborn puppy in your house, there are bound to be certain dog health issues in their first year of birth. But because these cute furry pals cannot express themselves, it is very difficult to understand whether they are feeling under the weather. Hence, it is very important to watch for certain illnesses in dogs, especially those common birth ailments that can result in health concerns in new born dogs. Let us not waste any more time and look at the health problems found in dogs during their first year of birth:


Tick Fever

Ticks are small parasites that suck the blood of dogs when they get under their skin. Your puppy can get in touch with this type of ectoparasite while being outdoors, during walks or play. Even you can transmit this disease to your furry pal. Always remember that the hairy pets are usually more susceptible to ticks than any other breeds. These parasites enter the bloodstream of your pet through its saliva and then lead to tick fever. You can take tick treatments as prescribed your veterinarian to control these pesky parasites.


If your puppy is scratching a portion of his body or is loosing his hair in patches, it can be due to dermatitis. When you do not completely dry your pet after a bath, the moisture content sticks on his skin leading to formation of fungus. This causes your little friend to scratch and bite himself. So, it is very important to dry your puppy completely.

Kennel Cough

It is a bacterial, viral infection that affects the vocal cords of dogs causing them to cough incessantly leading to coarse, unpleasant sound. This disease can be transmitted to other dogs through the air, hence, it is very important to take proper care of your puppy whenever you take him outdoors. But this disease is completely treatable with proper antibiotics.


Puppies start to lick once they are 15 days old. They lick all over their body, floor, food bowls, etc. and even your face and hands to show their affection. But they are also consuming dust and worms lying around during the process causing worms in them. Hence, it is very important to de-worm your puppy on a monthly basis so that they remain healthy. Worms can be seen in the form of faeces or your pet will rub his anus very often or will have rashes on his body. If your puppy enjoys eating meat then it is recommended to de-worm him on a monthly basis because the flesh of the meat contains larva.


Puppies have lots of extensive energy to burn, hence, you will usually find them active and lively. But due to unforeseen circumstances, accidents do happen that can lead to cuts or wounds. In order to impede re-infection, your veterinarian will do antiseptic dressing so that all the dead cells are eradicated. It also prevents flies to sit and lay eggs on the wounds to a larger extent. You can try certain wound treatments on your puppy at the recommendation of your veterinarian.

So, are you taking good care of your puppy and ensuring that he is safe from these health hazards?