Watch Out for These 4 Outdoor Dangers for Dogs


As a dog owner, you would like to spend quality outdoor time with your furry pal. But since there are four distinct seasons to contend with, you need to be aware of certain season outdoor dangers before taking your pet outside for quality time.

Did you know that if your furry pal eats hyacinth bulbs accidentally, it can be very deadly for his health? Also, there are certain plants that are wildly toxic for your pet. Due to this plant toxicity, you need to scrutinise the yard where you are visiting, in case your furry pal gets the urge to eat the landscaping. If you find your pet has eaten a toxic plant or has been accidentally poisoned, rush to your veterinarian immediately.

There are certain symptoms that you need to watch for: vomiting, diarrhoea, swelling, convulsions, abdominal pain, mouth irritation and nausea. Also note that there are certain pesticides and chemical fertilisers that can be extremely harmful for your little bundle of love. Hence, always take care about these outdoor pet dangers while having a gala time with him.

Let us now look at some of the deadliest outdoor dangers for dogs:


During summers, heat stroke is the number one enemy because it is not only life-threatening, but also very expensive to treat. But by taking the requisite steps it is possible to avoid this predicament. During hot days, keep your furry pal indoors and provide easy access to fresh and cool water every time. In case, he has to move outside ensure that there is ample of shade around where he can avoid direct sunlight. It has been observed that dogs like bulldogs and pugs have the tendency of being adversely affected during extremely hot and humid weather. Hence, keep these breeds indoors during hot days. In case, if your pooch suffers from overheat, douse him with water, switch on the air conditioner and after sometime take him to your veterinarian.

Dog Parks

Most of the dog injuries happening in our country are generally due to dog parks. Remember, not every dog in the park is well-trained. So, you need to ensure the safety of your furry pal by learning about the temperaments and dispositions of the dogs that your pooch plays with and then decide which one of them will make him get away unscratched. In case there is a fight, then step in between to evade the tension. If you have a small dog ensure that he stays away from the bigger one and vice versa. Always have safety aid with you all the time, so that in case anything goes wrong, you can take immediate action.

Heartworm Disease

Whenever you are going outdoors, do not forget to carry heartworm preventative treatments along, which can be very helpful to avoid your pet from getting contracted by heartworm. Remember, heartworm treatment is not only expensive, but also painful. Also, it does not work most of the most; so focus on the prevention.


When your pet is locked inside the car with no ventilation, it can result in panting which can lead to more heat in the process. The time car can take to heat up depends on the weather and the size of the dog. But it is safe to say that it takes few minutes to transform a new car smell to hot car hell. The very first thing that you can do to prevent this condition is by ensuring that you do not leave your furry pal alone in the car for a very long time. In case, if you find a dog left in a hot car, try to first of all get him out. If that is not possible, try to locate his owner or call for help from police. It is important that the dog is cooled off as soon as he is taken out of the heated car. Take him to the veterinarian promptly for better chances of recovery.