5 Must-Buy Dog Supplies During Autumn

With each passing day of autumn, the days become shorter, and the nights become crispier. This also means, that it is time to take out new warm walking boots and comfortable jackets. These make the essential dog supplies during the autumn season for your pup. It is extremely important to keep your furry pal comfortable, cosy and good-looking which would make your fur baby look special.


Let us now look at some of the must-buy dog supplies during autumn:

Jackets, Coats & Jumpers 

Warm jackets, coats and jumpers all aid in preserving the core body heat of the fur baby during the chilly morning walks. It is a must-have autumn dog supplies, especially for short haired dogs. Select the ones with waterproof designs that will help in protecting your pup from a wet and mucky walk and those brisk autumn winds.

Illuminated Collars, Leads & Tags 

It is suggested that during the shorter days, you enhance the safety and visibility of you and your pooch. Since the days are hotter, take the furry pal on evening walks after the sun has gone down. Canny Collar Recall Lead is highly efficient in alerting ongoing cars with the dog’s presence. They also help in spotting your tyke when he runs off to chase the squirrel that he thought he saw.

Comfortable Bed 

After a cool and brisk day, there is nothing better than a warm, comfortable bed. By getting your doggy a bed, you give him his own personal space to relax and have a good night’s sleep. It even ensures insulation to the pet from the cold hard floor and cushioned support for bones and joints.

Grooming Your Fur Baby 

With the change of seasons, the dog’s coat needs to be groomed as normally pooches tend to shed during summers. So, that by the time winter arrives, they grow a new thicker healthy coat that can protect them from cold weather. Getting your fur baby to be groomed during the autumn will enable them to be prepared for coat hair to grow by the time winter arrives. This would also mean that there would be less amount of loose hair in the house. It is also easier to maintain their coat during the colder and wetter months.

Generally, dog owners have a perception that their furry pals do not require grooming during autumn season. But it needs to be observed that dead hair of the pet’s fur needs to be removed otherwise they can suffer from skin diseases. Hence, clip and brush your fur baby on a regular basis and keep their coat in a healthy condition. This would give them the much needed warmth and help them manage themselves during the wet and muddy months.

Paw Care 

The dog’s feet need to be in excellent condition before the autumn season. The reason for that is excessive fur around the paw pads of the pet can attract burrows, little rocks and seeds that can develop discomfort and pain to the doggy. Hence, it is extremely critical to get the pup’s fur around paw pads trimmed. You can even matt his hair, that holds moisture from the rain and mud.

Don’t forget to maintain the stock of essential dog supplies to keep your furry pal happy and healthy during the autumn season. So, which of these dog supplies are you planning to get for your fur baby during autumn?