This Anzac Day VetSupply Gives a Shrine of Remembrance towards Military Animals of War

Anzac Day is celebrated every year in the month of April to celebrate the war heroes that have made notable contributions in the battle field. There is one aspect of war that many pet owners would be proud to know. It is the contribution of military animals in the war. There were various dogs that were given different roles to play in World War I. These roles included: food, cigarette and ammunition carriers, guard dogs, ambulance dogs and ratters.


There were even messenger dogs that were indirectly the heroes that saved the lives of thousands of soldiers by delivering crucial dispatches when it was not able to get through the communication channels via phone between units and military headquarters. Allied Red Cross casualty dogs like German mercy dogs were also vital cog in the war effort. They were trained to find the wounded in the no-mans-land and return to the handler with the part of the soldier’s uniform to let them know where they have been located.

Let us now look at the notable contributions made by military animals during the war:

Horrie The Wog Dog 

He was adopted in Europe by Australian private Jim Moody. He served for 18 months from 1941 to 1942 in Crete, Palestine, Syria and Greece. He used to give early warning of enemy aircraft and carry messages. He was wounded by shrapnel and survived the sinking of the Dutch transport ship Costa Rica. But spineless quarantine officials told to return him to Australia. Moody pleaded to have him as a help for wartime fund-raising but was declined.


The name translates as “he who enjoys war”. This Syrian bear cub was rescued in Iran by Polish soldiers in 1943 and trained to transport ammunition in the heat of the battle. He lived in tents, travelled in trucks and enjoyed beer and cigarettes. After the war, Wojtek was moved to Edinburgh zoo, where he enjoyed considerable media attention till he died in the year 1963.

William Windsor 

Popularly known as “Billy”, a retired Lance Corporal Windsor is a goat that was recruited by the Royal Welsh Infantry Battalion of the British Army. Billy was an accession gift from the Shah of Persia. He was temporarily demoted to fusilier after an embarrassing display at the 2006 Queen’s birthday parade in which he tried to head-butt a drummer. Before his retirement in May 2009, Billy received a daily ration of Guinness and two cigarettes.

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