5 Natural Ways of Resolving Pet Conditions


Nowadays, we humans have become overdependent on allopathic treatment. But our ancestors have already left a treasure of ayurvedic treatment that has been underutilised till date. Unlike the FDA certified allopathic treatments which have unwanted side effects, the ayurvedic treatment is 100% effective and trustworthy with zero side effects. This very reason makes pet owners to naturally treat pet problems through this treatment. Let us now look at some of the natural remedies for pet problems:


Also known as marigold, the origin of Calendula traces back to the Egyptians who recognised this medicinal plant containing revitalising properties. Calendula flowers need to be crushed and then directly applied on the wounds on pets. It can even be boiled and utilised as an antiseptic wash. It contains antiseptic property that treats the pet’s condition naturally. Bradfield’s Anti Itch Spray is one product that contains Calendula flower.


The chamomile plant assists in resolving bladder conditions naturally in pets. It can even be used for other illnesses too. It also contains colic and gas which has a serene effect that assists in taming down hyperactive pets. Due to its antifungal and antibacterial properties, it is good for skin conditions of the pet. Just give chamomile tea to the pet for natural remedies of pet health. For natural ways to treat pet allergies chill chamomile tea, then spray it on the pet.

Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice is one of the most preferred natural ways to cure urinary tract infection in pets. It assists in relieving the urinary tract infection symptoms by clearing the urinary system of outcast blockages thereby resolving bladder conditions naturally. If you are planning to purchase cranberry juice for your pets ensure that it does not contain excessive amounts of sugar.


If your pet is suffering from upset stomach, give some ginger tea to him which will calm his intestine. Ginger tea is also helpful for pets suffering from motion sickness. If you are taking your pet along for a trip, give him some ginger capsules, which will work as a natural remedy for pet anxiety.

Lavender Oil

Due to age, your pet will become susceptible to muscle pain and stiffness. You can massage your furry pal using lavender oil which is a natural way to relax his muscles. The smell of lavender oil also works as a great flea and tick repellent which is an added bonus of massaging your pet with it.

So which of these natural remedies for pet are you going to use to resolve their health problems today?