5 Useful Hacks to Prevent Ticks on Dogs

Removing ticks from your doggy during spring and summer months is not a fun thing. Not only are these bloodsuckers nasty, but they live on the blood of your furry pal. The peculiar thing about these parasites is that they are very difficult to dislodge. If they are not removed entirely or remain in the dog’s body for too long, they can cause serious diseases like Lyme disease. The best thing in such a situation is to get rid and prevent ticks from adversely affecting the pooch.


Symptoms Of Lyme Disease In Your Pet

  • Flu symptoms including fever, fatigue, body aches and chills

  • Joint pain often in the knees

  • Spreading rash at the site of the tick bite

  • Temporary paralysis of face

  • Weakness and numbness in limbs

Let us now look at some of the sure shot ways of dealing with ticks:

Keep The Environment Where The Dog Sits Sunny & Dry

Ticks like moist and shady areas and tend to die in sunny and dry areas. So, the best thing to do is to place compost piles away from the outdoor play areas, decks and other outdoor living spaces. Have swing sets and sandboxes away from the wooded areas. You can even have a wide patch of chips or gravel that prevents ticks from jumping from the woods into the lawn.

Get Rid Of The Debris

Dispose off the piles of leaves, grass and brush where the ticks hide. You can even mow the grass on a regular basis so that the pest does not get shady shelter.

Select Plants That Do Not Attract Deer

Ticks have an uncanny knack of travelling on deers. So to discourage that you need to get rid of plants and shrubs that attract deers in your lawn. You can even install physical barriers like a fence. Spraying a deer repellent is a great idea to ensure that the animals wandering into your yard do not nibble on your plants or tree branches.

Scrutinise The Places Where The Ticks Usually Hide

Some of the popular tick hideouts include: fences, exterior walls of outbuildings like sheds and retaining walls. Just check these places regularly to ensure that ticks do not exist in these areas.

Take Flea & Tick Preventive Products To Get Rid Of Ticks

Family pets are prone to tick bites and tick borne diseases which they can even carry at home. Hence, always take the necessary flea and tick preventative treatments like Advantix for effective control of tick population. For more information, consult with your veterinarian.