Let’s Give Labour Day Love to the Working Dogs in our Country


Happy labour day weekend to all our esteemed customers!!! It is again that time of the year when we celebrate the contributions made by hard working citizens that has not only made us grow, but also prosper as a country. But we cannot undermine the contribution made by our furry pals!!! It is because of the dogs that we were able to evolve from the primary hunting days to transforming ourselves in the fields of agriculture and farming. With time, there has been lots of advancement as our country has become industrialised. But we could not have been able to succeed in that without harnessing the working instinct and ability of domestic dogs.

Normally, labour day celebrations are done to pay tribute to human workers. But it is now high time that we give due credit to the canines that have been working with human beings since last thousands of years!!! Despite the technological advancements, there are still lots of important jobs and functions carried out by dogs in our day to day lives. Some of these roles played by dogs in our lives include:

Primitive Roles

Some of these roles include:

  • Carting dogs

  • Guard dogs

  • Herding dogs

  • Hunting dogs

  • Sled dogs

  • Watch dogs

Search & Rescue Dogs

These include:

  • Air scenting dogs

  • Avalanche dogs

  • Disaster dogs

  • Tracking dogs

  • Trailing dogs

  • Water search / recovery dogs

Service Dogs

These include:

  • Autism service dog

  • Combo dogs

  • Guide dogs

  • Hearing dogs

  • Medical alert / response dog

  • Mobility dogs

  • Psychiatric service dog

Military / Police dogs

Some of these dogs include:

  • Detection dogs

  • Intimidation dogs

  • Police patrol dogs

  • Search and rescue dogs

  • Sentry dogs

  • Tracking dogs

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