Need Help To Choose Small Breed Dogs’ Food


Providing the proper nutrition is very important for building strong bones, teeth, muscles, brain, skin and coat. But what you need to feed him? There are many branded foods which are available in the pet store for small breed dogs. Here we have listed some things which need to look in for, before choosing any food:

Start Nutritious Diet For Small Breed Dogs:

There are lots of nutritious food which are specifically formulated for small breeds dogs. To give them the recommended allowances of nutrients and energy to help them grow at an rate and keep them healthy. Small breed need sufficient calories which helps to fuel rapid metabolism. As, lack of allergies can cause weakness or lethargy.

Why Small Breed Need Special Nutrition

There are small breeds with higher metabolic rates such as Yorkshire Terriers, French Bulldogs and Dachshunds. These small breed also need more calories per pound than large breed dogs. Small breeds have different physiological needs according to the large breed dogs such as :

  • Energy levels

  • Skin and coat health

  • Bone structure

  • Digestive systems

  • Jaw Size

Things To Look In Small Breeds Food:

  • Choose a small breed formula for your puppy with more energy per pound than larger dogs. Make sure the appropriate calorie amount and feed the amount of food which is suggested by your veterinarian or by manufacturer.

  • Look for premium foods which will help the small breed with health issues including skin and coat conditions, dental disease, obesity etc.

  • Check, does the food contains omega-3 fatty acids, which will support proper brain development in pups.

  • Always select appropriate size of kibbles, as your smaller dog have small mouth and jaws.

  • Mostly the small breeds are at more risk of developing dental problems. Keeping this in mind select the kibbles in different textures and shapes which will help to reduce the tartar, plaque and bad breath.

Hope you will refer the above points, before choosing the dog food for small breed.