7 Ways You can Help your Pooch Suffering from Joint Problems


It is a very difficult predicament to see your doggy suffering in pain due to joint problems. Not only his life, but your life also changes when he faces the problem. It is normally perceived by dog owners that only old dogs can experience joint discomfort. But that is not necessarily true.

There are several dog breeds that are more prone to joint problems than others: Newfoundlands, Rottweilers, Bernese Mountain Dogs, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Labrador Retrievers, Dachshunds, Mastiffs, Great Danes and Old English Sheep Dogs. Apart from these dog breeds even large and/or overweight dogs too are prone to face this problem.

So how does joint problems impact dogs? Imagine you are undergoing a joint injury or suffering from arthritis, which causes extreme pain in your joints. So not only it hurts when you move, but even if you do not move the pain is the same. It is a very miserable situation. The same thing happens with dogs that are suffering from joint problems.

Due to joint problems, dogs cannot sleep well, causing grumpiness, irritability, stress, chewing and licking along with alienation. They may try to find a quiet place in the house where they can remain aloof and find some time to rest. Some dogs may do certain things that they normally do not like chewing the furniture due to frustration, snapping at the kids or refusing to go for walks.

Joint problems also have a major effect on a dog’s appetite. Some dogs tend to overeat in pain while others resist eating leading to abnormal weight loss and gas. Even their exercise regime will be affected. A dog who once loved playing fetch will now not move and watch the ball go without attempting to chase it. He will not enjoy the walks. Daily chores that he used to enjoy will be affected due to joint pain.

If you think that you can do nothing about this situation and are feeling helpless right now don’t be. We will show you certain ways to relieve the pain of your pooch during this stressful situation.

  • First of all consult with your veterinarian and get your pooch examined thoroughly. Then ask him/her the best course of action to be taken to treat your furry pal. Remember, every pooch is unique and so let him/her decide the best course of treatment for your tyke.

  • Integrate minor changes in his exercise regimen. Have short bursts of exercise sessions. Prompt him to follow you to the next room every hour, so that his joints get necessary relief.

  • Give him a healthy diet and by healthy, we mean a diet that is necessary to maintain ideal weight. An obese dog will put lots of pressure on his joints so watch his weight.

  • Massage the sore muscles and joints of your furry pal, but do it only if he enjoys it.

  • Keep moist heat applications like commercial heat packs along with a damp towel in microwave for a few seconds and then get rid of it after 10 minutes of usage.

  • Apply essential oil like Natural Animal Solutions Omega 3,6 & 9 Oil that assists in relieving joint pain in pooches.

  • Give him necessary supplements like Natural Animal Solutions High Potency Vitamin C that will assist your tyke in maintaining his joint health and lead a healthy life.

It is very important to keep your pooch’s joint healthy as his overall lifestyle changes once his joints get affected. With little proactive care and administering joint treatments can make his life enriching and fulfilling. So how are you planning to take care of your doggy’s joint care? Please post your comments below, and let us know your views.