Which are the Most Misinterpreted Doggie Behaviours by Dog Owners?


Pooches are very honest animals as they demonstrate their feeling quite clearly which makes dog owners trust their body language and behaviour. But the key here is to understand the doggie body language properly. It has been observed that tykes are very easy to read and interpret compared to cats, but even the most experienced dog owner sometimes make heavy mistake of misinterpreting certain elements of canine behaviour which leads to serious mishaps. Let us look at some of the most misinterpreted doggie behaviours by dog owners.


Dog owners have a perception that when their doggy yawns, he is tired or bored. But the truth is that yawning is a way of communication for tykes. It is even considered to be a reflex action conveying different meanings. Just like people yawn while seeing others yawn dogs also join in if they see you yawning. This can be reflexive or deliberate.

Yawning serves various purpose of dogs like intentional mimicry and finding a common ground with other person or doggie. It can even be a calming signal by the dog, especially when you shoo him or when he is not sure of your mind. Understandably dog owners do not get this and believe that their furry pal is ignoring them!!


Some dog owners believe that their pooch licks them as a gesture of bonding and love, but that is hardly the fact. The origins of the behaviour can be traced back to their birth when mother dog feeds her young ones. She carries the food back to the nest and when the young ones lick her face and mouth, it is a way of asking her for food. It can even be a case where the young ones are trying to taste the food that was eaten by the mother dog earlier.

Wild dogs carry food in their mouth over long distance and then give it to the young ones so licking around your mouth can be a gesture through which the pup is trying to ask you to throw up something edible not necessarily out of love. Licking on the face and mouth of the other person or dog can also mean the doggie who is licking is in a calm and submissive posture to let you or the other dog know that they have control over the licking dog.


Barking connotes different things, but dog owners generally associate it with aggression. For example; if you approach a strange dog barking at you, the first reaction coming in your mind would be that it is a warning signal by the pooch, but the dog’s body language would decipher it to be welcoming and inviting gesture for play. Barking can also mean excitement, a gambit to get attention, and if there is a lot of noise around due to people or other dogs it is the way of the pooch to join in.

Inappropriate Urination

If you see your pooch peeing when you get home and greet him or urinates disproportionately inside the house, dog owners perceive it to be a combination of poor bladder control and excitement but that is hardly the case. Urinating while greeting is a submissive gesture yielding dominance to you. One example of that is smaller breed dogs who conduct this behaviour when they see people around that are much larger than them.

Have you ever misinterpreted any of these doggie behaviours? If yes; post your comments below and let us know how you dealt with your furry friend later. Till then keep reading our blogs!!