5 Engrossing Doggie Behaviours that are actually very dangerous for Dog’s Health


Dogs are excellent buddies that make the lives of their owners fulfilling and rewarding. But certain times these furry friends do things that amuse us to no limit and the more we see the things the more engrossed we feel. But the problem is that these things/behaviours can prove to be very dangerous for the dog’s health and so it is very important to be vigilant at all times and ensure that your dog is safe from any danger.

Let us look at some engrossing doggie behaviours that are actually very dangerous for your dog’s health:

Dog dragging his butt around the ground

This may seem funny and cute, but for dogs it is not done for entertainment purpose. It means that something is bothering them and it is the perfect time to take them to the veterinarian. When your pooch is dragging his bottom along the ground, it is a sign that he is suffering from either of these: worms, fecal contamination, rectal prolapse and anal sac problems amongst others. So never think of this behaviour as cute and funny because the poor fellow might be suffering in silence.

When you take your pooch to the beach and he gets his mouth full of sand

This kind of behaviour is seen in dogs that love the beach. Keep an eye on your furry pal because swallowing too much of sand can create lots of problems like intestinal blockage. So if you are playing catch and fetch with your tyke ensure that you do not drop the ball too much on the sand. If the pooch is digging excessively in sand or eating too much of it, you may have to break the rut by taking him for a walk or run.

Playing catch and fetch in the water

Very few dogs enjoy swimming, but the ones who do love water. You should be vigilant and keep an eye on the first sign of exhaustion in your pooch. Some dogs enjoy going into the water as long as you throw the ball, but when they get tired they will start swallowing more water. Hence, it is very important for you to check the kind of water in which the dog is playing. If it is a lake or a river ensure that it is natural and uncontaminated without any chemicals so that your tyke’s health does not get disturbed.

When your dog adores stuffed toys and accidentally ingests them

Seeing dogs playing with stuff toys is cute, but the problem starts when they chew the toy and accidentally swallow the stuffing. If it is a small piece, then it will come out in the form of excretion, but if it is a bigger piece it can cause lots of problems in dogs. Hence, it is better to be vigilant and ensure that your doggie does not ingest the bigger piece.

When your pooch accidentally swallows a splinter

If your doggie is a fan of wooden sticks; be extra careful to ensure that he does not accidentally chew the stick literary meaning swallowing a splinter. This is a very dangerous predicament and may even need a surgery. Hence, if you find your pooch chewing a stick distract his attention and throw the stick away.

Do not stop enjoying fun activities with your furry friend after seeing these doggie behaviours. Just be extra careful and vigilant by keeping an eye on him and everything will be fine.