5 Weird Explanations for your Feline to Lick You…..Quirky Cat Behavior Decoded


Your kitty is the love of your life and we know that you cannot resist her cute little claws and rough, bristled tongues licking you every single day. But there are certain things that your kitty does during her lifetime that leaves us half-witted. It is still a mystery why your cat scales on the wall only to fall on her butt or why does she yank her favourite teddy off the shelf thousand times a day.

Although there is no logical explanation for these behaviours one thing that can be answered is the reason for your feline to lick you. You will find different explanations provided by various bloggers on the topic, but the ones mentioned in this write-up are highly weird and will make you deliberate about it long after reading the blog.

She Is Grooming You!!

This can be very hard to digest, but it is true your kitty is licking you because since their early childhood cats have been taught to groom their family members and guess what you are a family member to her isn’t it? So it is logical for her to keep you clean and healthy. During the grooming process, she may try to bite and pull off foreign objects from your body, but it does not mean that she is causing any harm to you. She just cares for your wellbeing. In other words, it means that she thinks that you stink and might consider having a bath!!

She Finds You Tasty!!

This seems scary, but believe us there is nothing to be afraid about. If you do not share your human food with your feline she will try to find an alternate way to get a taste of the food i.e.; by licking you. She will lick your fingers, face or clothing wherever she finds dropping of the food. If you are worried about the food causing harm to your kitty don’t be as a quick taste of these foods will not affect her.

As A Survival Strategy!!

Cats are accustomed to bathing after eating as a survival strategy to fend off the predators without giving them a chance to find the food. When the kitty licks you it is quite probable that she is trying to protect you from what she considers being possible predators so that they cannot get near you as a result of the presence of food on your body. This may seem ridiculous, but think from the perspective of a cat and you will understand this weird behaviour.

She Feels Lonely!!

Your kitty licks you when she feels lonely as this gives her a sense of belongingness. It is also one of the favourite ways of cats to bond by grooming each other. When a kitty feels lonely she begins to groom and play. So when you get back from the work and your feline licks you it means that she missed you. The best way to react to the situation is to brush and pet her or scratch her favourite spots. Shower lot of attention to her and if possible get her another playmate.

She Feels Stressed!!

Certain cats tend to go beyond the licking stage and start biting and suckle on the owner’s clothing and skin. This suckling and licking behaviour gives comfort to her. When the frequency of licking increases alarmingly it is advised to divert her attention by giving her favourite treat or distracting her from what is causing the stress. Believe us, no one likes to be in stress; especially the felines!!

If you feel that the kitty has started to lick you obsessively it is time to take her to an animal behaviourist and correct her behaviour.

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