4 Ways you are unintentionally disturbing your Kitty……A Heads-on Approach to Deal with the Situation


We know that you love your kitty and because of their cuteness personified you are vying for every ounce of their attention. But the major question is whether you are being an extremist? Remember, anything done in excess is never good for anyone and it is especially true for cats as they cannot differentiate between a friendly touch and a hurtful push. There is a small demarcation line between these two which we humans can understand, but cats perceive it differently.

You might have seen that people who are indifferent towards cats catch their attention the most while those who crave for the cat’s company get a cold shoulder from the furry friends. There is a great reason for that. It is all about the way you approach the kitties. In their eagerness, cat lovers try to catch the attention of felines which results in stress and anxiety in cats. It is important to remember that we, human beings are much larger in size than these furry pals and when you crowd them they feel very awkward.

Different Ways Cat Lovers Unintentionally Disturb Kitties

Lingering around

Cats feel intimidated when they see strangers lingering around them. The reason being they are so small and vulnerable in comparison to human beings that they can perceive even a loving gesture as a threat. As a result, when you extend your hands over the feline’s head it causes them to feel anxious and nervous.

Walking heavily

Certain human beings are heavy walkers with large feet unlike felines that are known for their deft touch. Hence, when you walk the loud noises can frighten sensitive cats when you approach them while walking heavily.

Over protection

To protect these lovely pals some cat lovers in their bid to keep them safe confine these kitties in areas where they cannot escape or retreat. This is an extremely bad idea because felines hate being confined by strangers. So, whatsoever be the reason never do this as it can cause the cat to behave abnormally wildly.

Over pampering

When you pamper the cats by cuddling, holding and petting it causes stress in felines and when there is no option available, they try to object by behaving aggressively and turning against you or getting out of the space and escaping.

A Heads-on Approach To Deal With The Situation

If you are doing any of these things with the felines it is time to change the approach.

Tip: Encourage the kitties to socialize with you by setting up non-threatening situations where they have the free will to decide whether to ignore you or engage with you.

  • First of all, sit at a distance from the cat and ensure that she has an option of advancing or retreating. Never make her feel cornered or trapped.

  • Extend your index finger in her direction about her nose level so that the kitty can come to you whenever she wants. The extended finger works as a gesture of invitation to connect. The feline would then decide whether to accept or ignore the invitation.

  • If she accepts the invitation, you will see her approaching your extended finger and touch it with her nose. If she wants to continue socializing with you, she will budge her head until your finger is on her cheek. This in the cat’s world means that she wants to befriend you!!

The very first priority of a cat is to feel safe and secured. When you seem to be non-threatening and easy going in front of her it will make her feel at comfort. Believe us sometimes being passive in the beginning of a relationship is the best possible thing to do. So, are you unintentionally disturbing your furry pal? Please post your invaluable comments below.