Stopping an Outdoor Cat from Bullying your Indoor Cat


Bullying is one of the harsh realities of our society. But when our furry friends are bullied it hurts even more. If the neighbourhood cat is the culprit, she will actively try to find out new opportunities to extend her territory and if your resident cat lacks confidence she will become the easy target of the bullying cat. It is very frustrating and heartbreaking when you see your feline being bullied by a perpetrator. So how do you resolve the situation?

Let us look at some of the actions that you need to take to ensure that peace and harmony is restored in your household:

Get rid of the motive behind the visit of the bullying cat

Ensure that your household is free from the trespassing bullying cat. You can do this by eliminating the motive behind their visit. A cat flap is an easy access for the bullying cat to enter the house which can cause submissive behavior in your resident cat. If she is not able to defend her territory from the bullying cat, she becomes housebound because her boundaries are pushed back resulting in the development of fear when she moves outside.

Food is the primary motivator for the neighbourhood cat to bully your resident cat and if your kitty is not able to protect it, then the bullying cat will take advantage of the situation and your resident cat will not be able to oppose the bullying cat due to fear. Even having a bird feeder in your yard is a big no. Instead have it inside your house.

Restrict the entry of the bullying cat

It is recommended to have a fence in your yard along with motion sensitive devices that emit ultrasonic noises. Place lemons and other toxic products around the property and on top of the fences so that there is no chance of trespassing by the bullying neighbourhood cat. Include motion detection devices in place to spray water on the intruder.

Have a gentle talk to the neighbour

If the bullying cat is from the neighbourhood have a polite chat with the neighbour, suggesting them to keep their bullying cat indoors or build enclosures for them.

Clean up the urine marking of the bullying cat from the yard

An intact bullying cat will try to extend her territory by spraying in the yard. She will target the bushes and trees along with doors and windows, thereby agitating your resident cat. Hence, get rid of the odour by cleaning the sprayed area with an effective enzyme cleaner.

Clean the urine marking inside the house

If the bullying cat gets access in your house, your resident cat will show displeasure by spraying or urinating outside her litter box. Never punish or yell at her because she is not a bad cat. Clean up the area using Urine Off.

Your resident cat should not see the bullying cat under any circumstances

The sight of the bullying cat can make her resort to redirected aggression towards other pets or you. Hence; ensure that your kitty does not see the bullying cat by blocking her view with window coverings through fabric, film or paper. Once the bullying cat stops entering your house, slowly uncover the windows.

Keeping your feline safe and sound is your primary duty. Follow the tips given above to overcome the bullying problem from bothering your kitty. Did we miss out on any other tips to stop the bullying cat from affecting the resident cat? If yes; post them in the comments section below. Till then keep reading and posting your invaluable comments!!