Bravecto Chewable: Best Flea And Tick Protection for 3 Months


With the rising temperature, the swarm of parasites is enviously raising their heads to feast on those warm blooded animals. The warm weather always raises concern among pet owners as these blood-thirsty creatures march on their pets, and they take a great toil on their health. In spite of great care and preventive measures, fleas and ticks can always find their way out to suck the blood and thrive on these four-legged companions. However, to counteract the attack of these blood-sucking critters, recently an oral treatment has been in the market. This is a chew that works for longer periods and protects pets for many weeks. Bravecto For Dog is that flea and tick protection that runs for 12 weeks in safeguarding your dog.

Bravecto kills fleas and ticks without allowing them to re-infest or harm your pets. The chewable tablet destroys fleas within few hours and prevents flea infestations. This soft chewable is easy to administer as your dog takes it as a great treat and the best part of bravecto is it covers the gap of flea infestation that is usually left due monthly flea and tick treatments.

It is not only the fleas that irritate your pets but they also transmit harmful tapeworms feeding on your pooches. Moreover, a severe flea infestation can even result to anemia in your pet sometimes leading to serious conditions. Likewise, ticks go a little farther than fleas in harming your lovable companions. Some ticks can infect your dogs with dangerous diseases like Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Lyme disease. When left untreated with these illnesses, they can prove fatal to your dogs.

Giving a chance to fleas and ticks to infest your furry pals making them sick, it is always good to control these nasty bugs and protect your pooches from their attack. And here comes Bravecto as the best option protecting your dogs for full 12 weeks as no longer you have to remember for those monthly treatments.

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