A Glance On Weather Sensitivity Of Dogs

Our dogs are blessed with wonderful intellect and instincts. Guardog, watchdog is races of dogs, which are working for mankind. Canines are saviors!  Even they are contributing incredibly to forensic departments and defense. Pet is never an appropriate word for them they are always a part of family and safeguard to their loving people. Never underestimate the warmth of sniffing nose and keen eyes. Their howling can be indication of something hazardous coming to you!!


Earthquakes are not the only thing; they can detect many more situations starting from pregnancy in women till cancer in people.  These creatures are just out of the box when it comes to security and forensic department. The most amazing thing is their ability to detect the bad weather!  Shocking, but true!  Scientifically, dogs are capable of sensing the barometric pressure drop and any shift in static electric field.

Alteration in the electric field is somehow discovered by them and they show their anxiety by cuddling their parents.

Instincts are the most powerful thing in them they are sharp enough to detect and sniff things around them. Our dog’s senses are that much more sensitive than ours, so is it any wonder that they can detect the weather changes better than humans.  They are blessed with good and sharp ears and much more sensitive than ours, so they can easily detect the thunder around and they start searching for shelters to protect themselves.

Canine’s sixth sense has several contributions in different fields. From tornadoes to earthquakes, canines are known for sensing these hazards before they touch you! 

The Most Expected Expressions ! 

  • Barking
  • Howling
  • Digging
  • Cuddling 

Everyone should owe a pooch to experience their protective and predictive nature. Canines are blessing to mankind!