August is Pet Dental Month – VetSupply Comes with Huge Offers!

At VetSupply, we will be running a pet dental month promotional offers throughout the month of August. We have come up with this special offer – to help pet owners find affordable dental products to deal with their pet’s oral problems, and ensure strong teeth and healthy gums. Regular use of dental supplies helps promote optimal dental health in dogs and cats.


The theme for this year’s Pet Dental Month is Healthy Set, Happy Pet.

With our dental awareness articles and offers, we are supporting vets to explain the pet owners the importance of oral hygiene and maintaining it with the help of dental products.

According to veterinarians, four out of five dogs and cats over the age of three years have some sort of dental disease which may go unnoticed by their owners. Moreover, pets often don’t show pain. Though having sore gums or infected mouth, pets continue to eat so the owners may not see any problem.

So, how to find that your dog or cat is in the early stages of dental disease?

Your pet’s bad breath is a sign of infection. Gums may become red and inflamed and the teeth stained with tartar or may start dropping food while eating.

Therefore, it is in the best interests of your pet to put them on oral regime. Regular tooth brushing with the help of pet toothbrush as well as using dental rinse and mouth spray will help prevent bad breath, control build-up of tartar, loose tooth and gum diseases.

Feeding your pet special diets designed for dental issues or giving dental treats can also largely support to overcome dental issues in your dog or cat.

During the month of August – Pet Dental Month, and the year round, we want to make sure your furry friend’s smiles shine with fresh breath just like you.

So, we are offering extra Discount on every dental product whether it is dental care supply or dental food for dogs or cats. Also, we are offering FREE Bowl with Aquadent Water Additive specially designed for pet dental health.

So, Hurry and claim your gift today because August will be over before we can say “CHEESE” (for that SMILE) to our Pets.

Courtesy: AVA (Australian Veterinary Association)